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Cawaskie Hybrid?

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I thought it was a Kawallski: A cross between a walleye and a pollack. But they found out it was to stupid to swim.

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I thought Kowalski's was a grocery store here in the Twin Cities.

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The fish you want to know about is the
"Ko-Wal-Ski", According to legend, it was a
experiment - supposedly by the Wisconsin
DNR to breed the ultimate game fish.

The Ko was from the "Koho" salmon (although thats really "coho" if I'm not mistaken) - for their fighting ability.

The "Wal" - naturally - was Walleye - for its excellant table fare.

The "Ski" was from Muskie - for the large size and its fighting ability.

According to the story, the experiment was a
sucess - the fish grew, fought well, were great on table - everything you could ask for, except.....

The fish wouldn't bite. The Wisconsin DNR forgot that Ko-Wal-Ski's are Polish, and were there fore to stupid to bite.

So the legend goes.....


No offense ment to any FM'ers of Polish decent - only passing on the legend as I learned it years ago.

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