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What a bunch of B as in B and...

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...S as in S. I just saw this sites pop up add for Hudac's on Upper Red. It says "Home of the 4lb Crappie." What a bunch of bull; sure people caught a lot of nice 1 to 2lbers but a legit 3lber was very rare and 4lbers didn't happen.

Nobody can go up there with a reasonable expectation of catching a 3lb Crappie let alone one that is 4lbs.

And I don't want to here stories from people I'm not going to believe who are exaggerating what they actually caught. The people that I know who fished there and I trust their judgmenent had good fishing on fish up to 2.5lbs but biggies beyond that were rare.

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You are correct in your quote that it reads "Home of the Four Pound Crappie", and I should point out that is does not read "Home of a bunch of Four Pound Crappies".

The sign only claims one. It was caught, and therefor is true. smile.gif

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Basspastor, what has made you so bitter lately? You seem to want to argue or disagree with everyone.

Cheer up, life is to short.


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