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Dan Wood

LETS Sponsor Product Showcase - "Jack's Worm" from T.J.'s Tackle

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Dan Wood

I’m very excited about this new plastic bait from T.J.’s Tackle (Case Plastics). “Jack’s Worm” is a salt impregnated bait that has a new profile and a very tantalizing tail action.

This bait is brand new and we need your opinions on how effective this bait is on your waters. We are looking for a few field testers on this product.

The first 5 people from Metro LETS that contact me will get samples of this bait to test out.
All that we ask is that you provide a short report on your results.

Contact me at:
[email protected]

“Jack’s Worm”
This bait is salt injected, so it can be fished weightless similar to a Case Plastics Magic Stik or can be fished with a worm weight (pegged or unpegged), Carolina rig, dropshot, or mojo.

Here are some rigging tips on this new bait:

In addition, this bait can be fished “wacky” style weightless or texas rigged weightless. I like to use a 1/0 circle hook wacky and a 2/0 or 3/0 EWG t-rigged.

This hot bait puts a twist on the standard weightless bait. This is sure to be something that the fish haven’t seen on your water. This bait will be available soon from T.J.’s Tackle. Contact Judy at [email protected] to order or inquire about retail locations.

Thanks T.J.’s Tackle for supporting the LETS tournament series. Your contributions are much appreciated.

Please help support those that make LETS possible.

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Dan you have mail from me for a free sample...

We will definetly give this stuff a shot as the natural drop presentation on pool 4 got us those two smallies...

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Dan Wood

We have our five field testers. If you missed on this deal, I'll likely have some extras along at the next event.

Thanks everyone for your interest. The five people that emailed me first will be receiving the samples of "Jack's Worm" shortly. Good luck with the bait, I'm pretty sure you guys will like this one!

Please post your results and comments on this thread once you get a chance to try it out.

Just a note on the name choosen for this worm... "Jack's Worm" was named in honor of Cap'n Jack West who passed away of a stroke recently (during the time the name was being picked for this bait). He was an avid smallmouth fisherman and guide. He will be missed by a huge group of fellow smallmouth anglers along with many others. Jack will be smiling down on you all fishing with this new bait. "Jack's Worm", in honor of Cap'n Jack West.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • osok
      This surprises me Borch.  5-6 years ago when I was  living in the St. Cloud area, if you looked up "Mr. Consistency"  in the dictionary, your mugshot would come up.  Things must be all whacked out. 
    • jmuff24
      I am a catfish guy, but until now, i was unaware that i can legally use small bullheads for bait. However, I have never actually targeted them before, so i am just wondering if anyone knows of any "hotspots" for bullheads (if there is such a thing)
    • Borch
      Pretty quiet in here.  I've been fishing out of town the past 2 weeks.  Hope to fish the area lakes this week.  Heard reports of a good day crank bite on the chain but not much else.  With the full moon coming up this week may try some evening trolling.  Anyone else having any luck?
    • Wanderer
      Haven’t fished the river for weeks and came home to high, muddy water so I doubt I will for another week.  I’d focus on shorelines and whatever backwater I could find at this time if I did go.
    • PSU
      It was slow for me Tuesday afternoon and Thursday in Frazer / Smarts Bay. Wednesday was very good in 20-25 feet leeches / crawlers on a Lindy or a jig. Absolutely beautiful weather!
    • Mlaker3
      My wife and I had a good morning on Friday with bottom bouncers, spinners and crawlers in 20-24 ft.  Caught 9, threw back 3 18-19 in, 2 13-14 in. 
    • monstermoose78
      I would head over the hill into the back country and fish the streams and lakes. You will have much better success catching fish. Bring bug spray 
    • monstermoose78
      Lori has some nice gills and some okay crappies normally. Green has nicer sized crappies and gills. Ann lake has been kicking out some great fish. Check out fishing club.
    • JBMasterAngler
      Streams won’t have much of anything to offer this time of year. Maybe a couple tiny smolt rainbows. There are all kinds of shorefishing spots in the area though. Stream mouths are always the obvious spots to try. Spoons and spinners.
    • jhousenga
      How was the trip? I was on the lake Tuesday and the weather was as good as it gets!