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Anyone Out This Weekend?

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How is the ice coming along in this area?

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    • FishinCT
      Alright everyone, since I’m starting to see some open water out here in South Dakota I’m itching to get off the ice fishing talk. Due to the virus, this is likely to be my first opener on Vermilion in about 20 years. What are some strategies that you use that time of year? Depth, presentation, bait etc.    I’ll warm up on the April walleyes out here in the meantime!
    • Wanderer
      Got home from work while it was raining.  It finally slacked up around 5 and I took a walk around the yard, picked up some stuff, trimmed a few trees and stretched out a little further to figure out a few blind sets for turkey season.  As comfortable as I am with the ground around me, it was worth the scout.  I figured out 3 spots that I hadn’t considered before.     It was definitely refreshing to be outside again and now I can at least have some anticipation for the upcoming season!
    • Wanderer
      Huh, crows.  Interesting.  Never thought about them as a spring shoot type bird.   In prime breeding colors I bet! 😁   I watched a dad gum black squirrel take a hideout in one of my new wood duck boxes tonight.  I think I’ll have words with him tomorrow.
    • monstermoose78
      Went out to break in the shotgun and boy I was shooting way off mark at them crows. Finn sat there watching and shaking his head as I unloaded multiple times. It was fun to shoulder the shotgun again. Might try again tomorrow 
    • eyeguy 54
      We are rough on them. 😁
    • AlwaysFishing23
      I fished out of a 10ft pelican for close to 5 years before last year getting into a 16.5’ alumacraft. I ran that yak in some nasty waves and wind. But it always made it, I caught many many fish in that yak ( still have it yet) Always good times but not the most stable boat and not a ton of storage. But it worked for me. Never had any issues with the hull and it got hauled a lot but one could defiantly tell it wasn't the thickest or strongest. I had a yak gear crate setup I’d strap to the back for longer trips. Worked great for storage and didn’t effect stability. Only bad part is you could get anything out of it once on the water in fear of tipping over which made it kinda useless. But it was kinda top of the line for me I even had a Fancy humminbird portable unit id use in it. 
    • eyeguy 54
      That perception for the price is another reason I went that way. Budget. 😁
    • Austin12345
      oh intresting ok thats something to consider I guess
    • Rick G
      Ldpe (low density polly ethelene ) and Hdpe high density.... are what most plastic yaks are made from. Hdpe is much more impact and abrasion resistant than it's low density cousin. The sun will also have less impact on the hd types, my first kayak was a Ldpe yak, when it got hot out, the plastic would get softer and more of a flex to it.
    • Austin12345
      ok if there are any other good brands you think I should take a look at please let me know 
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