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Fishin' report

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Me, Gemeyeguy annd basspastor went out for some jigging.
the action was slow to fair, with Gemeye getting most of the action, with three keepers in the boat, including a nice 17 inch sauger, while me and BP could only get a few dinks, only toward the end Cyb rallies and nabs 3 keepers, yes! most of the bites were in 20 to 25 ft on silver or gold jigs with shiners or fathead. Hopefully we will be back next saturday, unless we venture north to the big pond smile.gif


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Gemeye, we went up to the by the kinny, got some short walleyes, then went back to your spot, there the saugers were biting, but it was late and as soon as it started gettin' dark those fish quit bitin'. We saw a crertain fisher named after a bear fishin' there too, I will be tuning into KSTP at 8:45 to see if he did any better than us.

Tight lines!


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • eyeguy 54
      Real men can wear pink! Lol
    • Bass Thumb
      Yeah, Chris. I was hoping to get some color. Unfortunately, bright pink was not the color I had in mind.
    • mrpike1973
      Went to the chain on the boat did not get to far. No cats had a good time felt good to hear the Yamaha purr. It's sure moving the water that is.
    • Brandon Klatt
      Exactly, a 5fish limit would do wonders.
    • JerkinLips
      Thanks to all for sharing.  I also hadn't heard of this before. Regarding the cheeks, what size does the walleye need to be to make them worthwhile?  I never keep any walleyes over 20".
    • Sculpin
      There were trucks out on Isle Bay yesterday, and ALLOT of snow remains on the main lake. I think significant open water for the opener is a long shot at best. 
    • smurfy
      man them well most of them are along 38 north of rapids. some of them little puddles too!!!!!! 
    • Duffman
      I haven't been here in ages. But I have fished Moonshine, Caribou, Trout, Little Trout, Wabana, Bee Cee (when it held trout), Lucky, Kremer and Nickel. So this thread caught my eye.
    • krustykrab
      The Pine River stripping station will begin running on Monday, April 23rd.
    • laportian
      I live on the north side of Cass on the Pughole. We had 30 inches of ice out in front of my dock yesterday. Pughole is the flowage between Kitchie and Cass. I'm 200 yards off Cass and the current is pretty strong there. Top few inches was pretty mushy. Nothing happening as far as fish yet. But they are coming. Jumbos move in soon. Also seen a truck out off of Star Island on Monday evening. I imagine they have more ice out on the main lake than I have. I'm for sure going to be out ice fishing through next week at my place. Ice hasn't even begun to pull from shore at my place.