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I have used small raps such as #5 and #7 black and silver for trout. I usually use a fast retreive. Was wondering if others are using bigger raps or other colors and how they are working them. so far this has worked pretty good for me but I usally only catch about 10 fish, and hearing all these people catching 20-35 fish just wondering how I can improve.


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Jim W


Increasing the number of trout caught isn't necessarily always a matter of presentation.

If your fishing a small stream with a lower population of trout, you'll most likely catch less fish. Or if your fishing a stream/river that has a lot more water than fish, you'll catch less fish.

If the trout are feeding hard on a recent hatch, you'll catch less trout. I have had days where I was nailing them when all of a sudden, I reach a section of stream/time of day, when a major caddis hatch is on. Boom! Nothing! (at least nothing for spin fishing)

Water clarity and temperature play a key role in catching fish as well! Obviously, if it looks like chocolate milk, give up! If the water temp is too warm, the trout will either head up smaller feeders, stay deep or hidden under cover(log jams, undercut banks etc.) These days call for added patience and tight casting!

If you find a stream(kind of like the South Branch was for trout day) where at first glance it appears clear, but after further investigation, the deeper runs or riffles have a tad of cloudiness to them and the water temp is in the 50's or less, you should catch quite a few trout. If there is a substantial population of trout etc. Even if the number of trout is less than average, if all falls into place you can have a banner day on the stream!

If your fishing a designated trout stream, check your trout map. Look up the condition and population comparison(Miles of good water)before you go out next time.

Some days just don't produce, even when all seems perfect. If you find yourself on a stream and all seems "just right" and your not catching the numbers you expected, I always recommend switching up. Try a larger presentation, try a spinner, try different colors etc. etc. or go smaller. Sometimes floating a Crane fly larvae or nightcrawler on those apparent "perfect conditioned" days, will increase the number of fish as well.

I personally have been throwing large rapalas lately. I'm not catching large numbers of fish, but the ones I am catching are usually very impressive!

SO don't fret, BigLou! There is NOTHING wrong with catching 10 trout on an outing!
If you want to catch more, in the past, my large number days have been with rooster tail spinners!(1/8oz. white) Also, immediately following a thunderstorm! The two days where I caught the most trout were evenings where I waited out a fairly severe storm!
My wife and I had a 68 trout day after seeking shelter under a sandstone over-hang. I should tell you we caught those trout in less than 2 hours as well!!!!

Do a little pre-research before going out, check the stream conditions and weather. While your on the stream, don't wait too long to switch up tactics. Man, I must have too much coffee this morning! Better go!
I hope this helps! If it doesn't, let me know more of what your running into, and I'll be glad to try and help. Good luck!
Jim W

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    • Tom Sawyer
      Thanks for your efforts!!! Let me know if you need any free city garbage bags; I'm involved with the City of St. Cloud Green Team. You can place them at the Munsinger Garden greenhouse, or any trail access points for easy Park Dept. pickup.
    • JeremyCampbell
      Going to get the kids out on the river today with gloves and garbage bags for Earth day.Plenty of garbage around the local community spots that can be removed.Im sure there will be more but it's something to do and it will look a little prettier out there.
    • Borch
      Wow!  Didn't realize it was that bad up there.  That's going take a long time to get turned around.
    • kelly-p
      To give you a idea of what it is like here this is how my dock has sat since last August. The river is at lake level here.  Almost no Spring flow from melting snow. Just a trickle here and there. I've burnt any grass off for 200 feet around my house, farm buildings and farm equipment so there is a little protection in case a big fire gets going. The grass has been burnt off between the highway and the airport to give Waskish a little protection in case a fire gets going south of town. Westwind cleaned their channel last fall so they should be OK for boats. Total acreage of URL and LRL is 272,000 acres so it would ONLY take 177,261,312, 000 gallons of water to raise the lake level 2 feet.
    • Horseshoe_Don
      you can get to horseshoe by boat but not far enough to get any fish yet.   This may change in the next few days.   I plan on ice fishing on shoe today.   Should be able to land a nice amount of slabs.   Don
    • pikeandchester
      Drove by Elysian on my way home this afternoon. Shoreline didn’t appear to be pulling away, view from the highway for what it’s worth. 
    • pikeandchester
      Got the property surveyed today. Originally plotted back in 1968 and sure enough there where metal pipes marking 3 of the corners but who knows how long it would have taken me to find them. They placed a monument on the missing corner. Hopefully this warm weather sticks around, need to remove some trees and get the wheel house moved in. Thanks everyone for your responses!
    • leech~~
      Was out on the lake today. Easy 24-26" inches of hard ice yet.
    • pikeandchester
      Drove around the entire lake today. From the road it looks like the warm weather has melted most of the snow. Only saw about a half dozen people fishing. Ice isn’t pulling away from shore yet. Stopped at the Borden access and walked out a bit, kicked myself for not bringing the fishing equipment, easy travel out there. 
    • eyeguy 54
      interesting day fishing on 30 inches and 60 degrees out   no monsters but got a very round hybrid and some rock bass with neat eyes.