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Chain- Ida fishing report

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Chain of Lakes

Walleye fishing had been real good on carlos Lehommediue up into last week. Lindy rigs with crawlers, leeches, and red tail was the best. Look for walleyes on weedline edges of 15 ft to 24 ft depending upon how fast of a drop off. There are also some nice eyes in the deeper water summer patterns. Look for deep water humps, islands, bars. 25ft humps all the way down to 35 ft.

Lake Ida has been spectacular for walleye fishing again same depths and presentaions. Fishing slow has sometimes made the differenc between putting 1 or 2 fish in the boat or 10. I would suggest slow way down and get into the weed edges where some walleyes are tucked into.

Small Mouth/ Largemouth fishing has been at a peak. These fish are starting there normal summer patterns and are starting to relate to deep weed edges, rock islands and humps.

A good way to go out and catch a variety of fish from Smallies, Large Mouth, Walleyes, Crappies, and pike would be to: 1/8 3/16oz Gopher Mushroom head Jigs tipped with 4" finnese worms to Gary Yamamoto Ika's which is like a small tube bait.

This can be a fantastic way to catch fish. Every time you set the hook you don't know what you might catch. I have caught numerous walleyes fishing bass this way. Fish deep coontail and cabbage weeds.

Fish the jig worm reel slow hopping it along the bottom. You will get hung up on cabbage but just give the rod a quick snap and this is when most strikes come. It's very important to come a tight line so you don't miss some fish.

What's nice about this technique is you will always be cathing fish where you go fish walleyes and not always have great success. You will be able to put alot of fish in the boat this way and will be kept entertained.

Remember catch and release is extremely important on all species to ensure your kids and there kids good fishing.

Also a quick not if a fish has swalloed the hook cut the line and let them go.They will live most times I have caught many fish with hooks in them. If you rip a hook out of there gullet 9 times out of 10 they will not live. So even if you gut hook one you don't need to keep it.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • bassbouncer
      Brotten from tower, JH masonry from cook 218-666-5710  
    • slammer
      The people that used to fish Mille Lacs are migrating north because of all the issues down there.  The resort where I stay (on LOW) has noticed a large increase in Mpls traffic.  I believe fishing pressure is rising up north because of this.  Another thing is boats are much bigger now than 10 years ago allowing more people to get on the big water more easily along with the wheelhouse frenzy on the ice.  It all adds up to more fish harvest.   Don't think ML will ever get back to anything close to what it was.
    • PSU
      Jetsky, I was skunked yesterday afternoon in Frazer, but did very well today (9:30-11:15, 4:00-5:30) . 20-25 feet, jig or Lindy with a leech or crawler
    • GeluNumber1
      I take it medals are for carp only? I'll try and make it. Love me some carp.  
    • srj
      Awesome Hoey. Fished yesterday and today (wed) and the bite is good. Tues morning had no wind so there were a few hundred fish flies in the boat and your ears and most everywhere until the wind picked up midday. Caught a bunch of nice . eaters in 5 - 8 feet of sand.  Bigger fish are showing up on the reefs. Not all rocks seem to have fish, but most do. The best bite is probably in the mud. Fish flies everywhere and today lots of mayfly action up north. Lots of fish in 30+ right now. This is such an awesome lake. Good luck
    • srj
      Well said, Hoey. Regarding large walleyes eating small walleyes...…...a number of large walleyes every year chow down on my yellow, chrome and red (clown) Rapala TDD 11's, black headed white bodied and polka dotted (wonderbread)Reef Runners and a full spectrum of colored shad raps......not 1 of which resembles natural baitfish. So large walleyes won't gobble down a native fish of small proportions? Gimme a break. We need to insure that LOW does not become the new Mille Lacs. By the way, fishing is fantastic on ML currently. Pretty much all bigger fish. I would hate to not have a fish dinner after a day on the lake.
    • papadarv
      If fan selection is set to high or low fan runs all the time. Set fan control to auto, fan starts and stops with compressor run.
    • Jmnhunter
      got an answer from coleman mach- they said all of their AC units are compatible with a thermostat, but you would also need to install a control box as well for the thermostat to communicate with it
    • delcecchi
      Thanks Cliff.  I was pretty sure you weren't using both at same time because law and because a itty bitty shad rap wouldn't get down that deep.  😀
    • norwaybay
      Was up over the weekend and fished Friday and Saturday for an hour or two each day.  Couldn't get a bite on a leech but rainbows were the ticket.  Walleyes were on very narrow window of feeding but when they did bite caught 6 slot fish 22-26.  All healthy and spitting up 2-6 inch perch in the net.  Green beads and Red beads on a 6 foot lindy drifting about 0.7 in 13-16 feet of water.  Find the bait balls on the sonar and look for the walleyes underneath.  No keepers but that's ok the slot fish were sure fun