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Use your underwater camera

curt quesnell

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Last night I got robbed a half dozen times
at least. The crappies would come up and
while I watched on the Vexilar steal the minnow head right off of my Angel Eye Minnow.

Never felt a tick, tug or bump...nuttin.

Do you remember when the Vexies first came
out the word was "when the fish line comes
together with the hook line on the flasher
.......SET THE HOOK ALREADY!!!!!!!!
I knew what was going on and while I couldnt
force myself to set the hook I would lift
and kick in my super sensitivity super power
and I could not feel a thing.

So that was 6 more fish in the bucket, big
deal we had enough fish anyway. But what
if the bite was tougher and that meant the
difference between a fish in the pail or

The underwater cameras are a pain in the
hinder but, we talked to a guy who did real
well friday night using his camera watching
the crappies inhale the bait and, while
he didnt feel anything, he knew when to set
the hook because he could see the crime in

I will have my Aqua View along friday night
because there are 6 crappies out there
who need to pay.....

Curt Quesnell

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