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Thanks for showing us a GREAT time on Friday night. It was the first time one of the gentleman had driven on the ice. We caught some fish, caught a buzz, and then went to Westwind and met some more really great people and caught a bigger buzz. The guy's whose house you remodled seemed to be having a good time. Pete thought he would drive home , but after turning around in the parking lot it was determined that I would do the driving. Thanks to Kelly and the URL community, you have never steered me wrong, and knowing what kind of people you are, I know you never will.

I hope to be back soon!

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I did steer you a ways wrong tho in that I should have pointed south rather then north. I really thought they should have been thick there.
By the way I will be selling parts of the "remodeled" house to keep myself in drinking money. I don't think they would mind. Does anyone need a stove? How about a good cook stove? They have an awesome roof and a lot of neat gadgets. grin.gif
In all honesty I will be building them a better skid system. When the crowd gets around you have to be able to move,,, and fast. No more of this wood and lag bolts. Steel might bend but not usually break. :-)
When they pulled it out they went about 10 mph With a little welding on my part they should be able to get at least 50 mph out of it.
Thanks for the emergency rations for on the lake. One thing about out there, you always have to be prepared to meet a friend and toast the crappie gods.

Waskish Minnow Station

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As far as I am concerned you were right on the mark. A good time was had by all and we brought back enough fish for a big fish fry on Saturday night. It is not all in the catching, half of the fun is getting there and getting back home. I have a few things to get done around home, but I should be back up in a couple of weeks.

Labs4me, we thought that was a bridge and all three of our trucks ran over it on our way off the lake! Sorry man. It was good to meet you both. Next time up I'm going to set it up so I don't have to drive home that night.

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Scott-Z One thing I can guarantee you is we always have a good time!

Kelly, I figured instead of parting out and selling the house to get some drinking money you may just want to pick up the empties inside our house in the morning! I'm sure you could make a decent living off recycling the cans! and Paul and I have always tipped our maids at "Casa de Crappie" very well! Hell i figured by next weekend there'd be an address and mail box up in front of our shack with you living in it as a weekend retreat for you and Little Italy!

Now on to the remodeling subject! We could only go 10 miles an hour because we didn't have the Capt. Morgan sails unfurled! Paul and I really liked the looks of our new digs after you were through with it. (I think we left enough of the house by the crack that most people thought it was the start of a new bridge) By the way, if I remember correctly steel does break. Do the two words "spud bar" mean anything to you. If we keep building houses and having you move them, you'll be the only guy on the lake with a 4" well casing spud! Lag bolts were a last minute addition to the house! I'm sure by the time you're done with it, it'll have more welded steel than the front end of a '65 Pontiac getting ready for a demolition derby! Anyway the fishing was great!!!the hospitality better!!!and the new friendships the best!!! Tell Tim and www.bartender.com thanks...Westwinds has never been better! By the way we really were glad you got back on Solid foods after friday nite!

Good Luck! Rip some lips!


p.s. look for "Mitts" (Paul). Ithink he'll be up this weekend. I have to go to Clevland to pick up a new puppy. Later


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It was great meeting you and everyone else! Hope next time you do set it up so you can stay a little longer. Do me a favor though... if you see me at the Westwinds tap me on the shoulder and re-introduce yourself as I my not remember your face exactly. You see I think I had a case of snow blindness...yea that's it...snow blindness!

(or maybe a "case" of something else)

Good Luck! Rip some Lips!


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • smurfy
    • rundrave
      here are a few of my favorites:   1) cube breast meat, marinate in Italian dressing over night, wrap in bacon, grill    2) cube breast meat, cover with shore lunch or any other breading batter of your choice, flour/egg wash etc if you like that, fry and enjoy just like little chicken nuggets   3) cube breast meat, season with salt, pepper, garlic, quickly fry in pan serve over rice, can also look up  South Dakota version of chislic similar to this   4) cream of something soup, crock pot with what ever you want lol   5) pheasant and dumpling soup   6) this one is a little bit of work but good stuff: https://fromfieldtoplate.com/2016/08/16/sesame-pheasant-garden-veggie-stir-fry/   I tend to save all my legs and prepare them together. For example this last weekend I shot 2 birds on Sat and 3 on Sunday for a total of 10 legs. Put them all in a crock pot, with beefbroth and a can or 2 of dr pepper to make sure they are call covered. cook on low until tender. pull all tendons etc out and shred any meat you can salvage. add  barbeque sauce and serve on a bun and toppings of your choice. will be very similar to pulled pork.   I hate wasting legs, and I hate even more seeing others not utilize them and just breast out birds and leave the legs to rot     My team of GSP's have been putting the hurt on birds this year here in SD. pleasantly surprised with numbers after the brutal winter we had. probably had my best year of sharptail hunting that I can ever recall in my lifetime also.    
    • smurfy
      read Jeff Sundins most recent report........even he's pretty leary about the state of current ice conditions..........
    • gimruis
      You can prepare/cook them pretty much any way you make chicken.  The taste and texture is very similar.  I'm sure I could do what Moose posted above with his grouse and the finished product would be almost identical.   My favorite recipe is a slow cook in a cast iron pot.  That takes some time because it requires cooking at low temperature for at least 90 minutes.  The finished product is very good.   Being that its so warm out, I might try grilling some here too.   I also give a few away each season.  My possession limit is triple the daily bag limit so its something I have to be mindful of before I go hunting again.
    • smurfy
      so Gim.......now that you have some of them ditch chickens in the freezer...........how or what do you  do with them to cook'em up???? just curious!!!!! noone in my house seemed to care for them cept me..........so i made chow mein outta them!!!!!
    • JerkinLips
      Walked out about half a mile on Tuesday with max safety (life jacket, ice picks, long rope to house, and chisel).  Ice was very solid and I measured 7½" today (Thursday).  The first 1/8 mile was nice dark ice that was large chunks frozen together, but quite smooth.  Then there was about 40 feet of very jagged white ice.  Had to lift the portable over the points of ice otherwise it would hang up on them.  Then the next mile of ice was rough white ice as shown in the picture with the ice scoop.  At the small island before Birch Island the ice appears to be dark (and probably smoother).  Several snowmobiles and ATVs were running out as far as Birch Island but it was easy walking for me.   Fishing got better each day.  Rainbow and chubs were about equal.  Couldn't catch a fish on pike suckers.  Best fish was the 27" (8#-3oz) hog shown in the picture.  Had a hard time getting her head into the hole.  Picture quality is bad because I wanted to release her quickly to avoid further stress.  Good luck out there and be careful on the ice.          
    • StateofHockey
      Measured 6" good clear ice today about 50 yards off the north side of Moccasin point. Walked out for a little ice fishing. Remember ice conditions vary around the lake, depending on sun exposure and current in channels/narrows. Be cautious, safe and verify your local ice conditions.  Directly off the Moccasin point boat landing, in the channel ice conditions looked poor. Picture is from Northside of Moccasin point I the early morning  when ice looks the best
    • Troy Smutka
      Finished the 23 waterfowl season over Thanksgiving. Got to hunt two days of the long weekend. Saw a modest number of ducks, and harvested mallards, bluebills, and ringnecks as the water began freezing over during the weekend. One of our tougher seasons with different migration patterns probably due to unusual weather patterns with constant fluctuating between well above average temps for a period and then almost instantly well below temps before going well above again, and so forth. Still will cherish the memories with family and friends and relive the sights and sounds of out on the water during fall. Will be posting ice fishing reports in the fishing report clubs as soon as the ice is safe. Happy Holidays everyone.
    • monstermoose78
    • DoubleJarre
      Thanks for sharing this exciting career opportunity with Orvis in the Minneapolis area. It's great to see companies looking for passionate individuals to join their team, especially in the world of fly fishing.
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