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Road marked to cribs!!!!!


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West Wind has marked a trail out to some of the cribs and to a flat in about 13 feet of water. Fishing has been fairly slow but not to many people have been out yet. The ice is safe for 4WHEELERS ONLY and snowmobiles if you want to try, but there is no snow.

West Wind
Waskish, MN

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Yes folks we finally had a night that put some ice down. Not a great amount but the ice sheet has firmed up. The cracks that were open water have begun to heal up.
West Wind marked an ATV route past the Lou Rayne Beach Cribs and on to within 1/2 mile of the North Cribs and on Sat. plans on marking on out to the deep flats.
When I ran out there tonight I saw that the portables out from Hudec's were at about the same distance out into the lake. As of tonight both routes were over half way out to where most of the fishing has happened the past two years. Hudec's plans on marking on out tomorrow.
Other then where cracks had healed up the ice was from 6 to 7 inches thick. I would not recommend tearing off cross country yet due to the recently healed cracks but if a person stays on the marked routes it should be safe for careful ATV/Snowmobile travel. There is not any snow for snowmobile tracks.
It was surprisingly smooth out there,,,, far better then it looked from shore.
The one bad thing that happened was that NINETOE and Baitco went to the end of what West Wind had marked today to "scout". Not one fish!!!! blush.gif But seeing as who the "scouts" were that was not surprising. Maybe tomorrow somebody can go try it that takes at least as much fishing equipment along as beer. smile.gif

Waskish Minnow Station

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