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Rainy River Spring or Fall ??

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I have never fished the Rainy before but would love to plan a trip. What is your favorite time to fish the Rainy (Spring or Fall) and why? Historically what are the better times of which months to fish it? Which time of year consistently produces larger fish and which time of year produces numbers? Hopefully this post doesn't start too much of a debate, I can see by some of the posts that you guys fish it quite often and would just like to know some opinions on the better time to come up.

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i personally like the fall better, for several reasons, less people although you would never know it unless you fished both times. no ice on the ramps, the river is open shore to shore and you can keep a few fish if you want, not to mention the option of fishing in the gap etc, the only real draw back is the cold, but i guess that can certainly be an issue in the spring as well

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Fall season is my favorite time to fish the river. September starts with lots of smaller walleyes and lots of saugers, mix in some sturgeon and pike and smallies. October brings in the bigger walleyes along with colder weather. Water temperature is the key. Starting about 59 degrees of water temperature, good current and level and you have a great recipe for some fun fishing. Smallies get more active early October and sturgeon are biting all fall season.

mrmillelacs is right about your options of fishing areas in the fall. You can fish from Birchdale all the way into the gap. Gives everyone alot of "elbow" room!!

Spring is great too, although the weather can turn fast. The river has frozen back up and the Little Fork can muddy the waters fast. BUT, if you hit it at the right time, it's the best fishing you'll ever have!


Clementson Resort
Fishing on the Rainy River
in Lake of the Woods Area

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