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Sandee, Tom and all....

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Good luck Fisherpeoples, weather sure threw a curve but the fish are somewheres!!!

My crews nearly here and we are heading out this afternoon for a bit of Pike fishing on Muskeg before coming over east for tomorrows big kickoff.

Tom, heard you on the radio this morning, Cool! See you on the water maybe, I'll be in the 'Red Indian Lodge' walkthru. See you in the BV probably! Have a good one!

Have fun and be safe all....fiskyknut

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Hey fisky, Thanks! Did an interview over the phone, but didn't get to hear it broadcast.

Good Luck to you and your party as well this opener. Things were looking real good for the river till this rain hit, but it has got dirty again. Hopefully it will settle out a little faster with things greening up a bit.

Will likely head for some cleaner water on the lake, drop the anchor and jig, jig, jig.

Good Luck to everyone, be safe and have fun.


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River is clearing and they caught some small walleyes today!! 18" of clarity. Rick and I will be hitting the river tomorrow afternoon! grin.gif


Clementson Resort
Fishing on the Rainy River
in Lake of the Woods Area

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Hi Folks,

How goes it up there? Is anyone catching anything in the river or is too muddy?

I am thinking about fishing Birchdale on Saturday. If not I will probably fish Rainy Lake. I was just wondering if anyone had in info on how the weekend went up there.

Thanks - Bob

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