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Water Temps - Sandee

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I was wondering if you might be able to try and report the water temps every couple of days either here or on your site. I've found over the past years that this is one of the biggest factors when to hit a trip "just right". I was also wondering what the Big Fork and Little Fork look like this year. Do you think they are going to impact the river much this year barring we don't have any major rain/snow storms? I heard that they were low and may not have the impact they normally would in a higher water year.

Thanks for your help!


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I haven't had anyone with a temperature reading in their boat. Hopefully someone in camp will have it for me soon. That is one piece of information that I don't have access to without help from another.

The BF and LF are low. As long as we dont get excessive rain and the melt is slow they should be OK as far as when they "let loose". A fast, fast melt with alot of rain when the ground still has frost puts extra run off into the streams and creeks.

We assummed the river temperature is currently (about) 32-25 degrees because it has iced over the last few nights with the cold temps.


Clementson Resort
Fishing on the Rainy River
in Lake of the Woods Area

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The water temp on Friday fluctuated between 33.9 and 34.4 degrees throughout the day. Darn near swimmin' weather if I do say so my self.

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