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need some cabin info

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rick, sandy i grew up less than one mile from there and now live in ohio and am in a mens group with my church they want to take a Walleye fishing trip and of all places they want to go to canada(they are under the impression that its the "great north") and i would love to show them other opportunities to have a great fishing trip in a great community. i would love to get into contact with you and get some info but am not sure if i am allowed to just drop my email address on here....... thank you guys.

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Just click on our web site, you can get my email address there. Send an email and we'll get you some information. If they are interested in the big pond, we can certainly send them in the right direction.

Sounds like you be a missing Minnesota. frown.gif


Clementson Resort
Fishing on the Rainy River
in Lake of the Woods Area

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yes sandee definately missin minnesota. come to think of it i feel like my parents were bad neighbors for all those years, we lived just about a mile from you and i never ersonally met you although i am willing to bet my parents did and i can almost guarentee that you know the people i call "aunt and uncle" the thing i miss most is being able to sit out all night in the summer listend to the frogs watch the stars(too much light pollution here to see many of those I HAVENT SEEN THE MILKY WAY IN 3 STINKN YEARS) and i miss being barefoot on the old gravel road and talkin to jimmy as he dropped off our mail.

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