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Fishing above the rapids

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Well I'll be heading up there this weekend with a crew of guys and as it looks now it might be tough to get in at Birchdale. Does anyone think a guy could have some luck fishing between the rapids? If so any tips on some places through there?

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If there is no open water below Birchdale rapids, my suggestion is to go ice fishing on the big lake or Red. It would be pretty tough to get a boat up there. You can get in at Manitou but the river there is typically very fast. It's possible to shoot the rapids down from the landing there (Manitou), but if you don't have the horsepower to get back up, it's a tough drag to get the boat back to the landing. The river upstream of the landing can be fished, but it looks from the pictures that all the open water is on the Canadian side. This is usually the case at this point in the river thaw. I know how it is to go up there and not have fishable water. LOW!

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I have heard the locals talk about fishing out from the Manitou, although this year there is more snow to deal with than in past years. They slide their boats down the hill to the river. Not sure how they get them back UP. We don't encourage fishing in that area at this time.

Also at Franze Jevne, the county doesn't plow and you have quite a distance to get to open water. Not bad going down, it's bringing the boat back up!

The Canadian side does open first, although the ice can usually be broken out from the first to venture in.

Fishing out of Franze Jevne has, in past years, been good fishing. No guarantees on fishing.

The weather has been unpredictable (weather channel) the 10-day looks good for melting temperatures, then BAM, you get a cold front with single digit below overnight temps!

All we can do is check the ramp tomorrow. We have in past years have it "hang" where it is open to and have it open just past Birchdale in a day. Check Rainy River Spring Archives for 2000 - The last leap year was similar!


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