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Opening of the Rainy River 2004

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Its that time of year when I start looking towards the Rainy in anticipation of the first opening water at Birchdale.

I have long forgot frozen fingers that can move just enough to hook another minnow on a jig.

Also long washed away are the minnow skins that were instantly froze when brushed against the aluminum boat.

I now have three pairs of gloves that will be in rotation...That should cure the wet, damp, frozen syndrome.

Most of all I look forward to that first hard smack of a Rainy River Walleye inhaling that Jig/minnow.....Fish On!!

Mark In Mpls

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I too am ready for the fun and fridged Rainy in March. No where else can one be so cold and have so much fun. I hopw the water is higher this spring than it was last fall.
Bud Man

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It is this time of year that many are starting to think about the open water fishing on the Rainy. I think levels will be higher this year, we have lots of snow as does alot of the "basin" drainage areas. With "bad" ice it shouldn't take too long once it starts. Even with the extreme cold weather, it didn't help the ice in our area.

Of course, we will be tracking the progress as we have for the last few years.

Think warm - I am tired of 30 below !! :-)


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