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Good luck Gonzo!!!

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Tom, good luck to you and Kim at the upcoming MTT championship tourney. I'll be rootin for you two, you did great last year and you'll do better this year so I guess that means you'll have to take first!!!

Best regards....Fisky

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Thanks Fisky- But it didn't work out quite like I'd of hoped. Wind, Wind, and more Wind.
Still got out but just couldn't put it together on Day 1. Day 2 was better as we managed a limit but no big fish. Ended up in 13th Place, just out of the money. That's the way it goes I guess. The MTT is coming back next year for the Championship so I'm allready looking forward to another year. It's a fun circuit and we should have more locals fishing in it if you can make enough qualifiers throughout the summer. Good bunch of fisherpersons and alot of fun.

Looking forward to the North Star Classic in 2 weeks, hopefully I can have a better showing this year there too. See ya then.

Thanks again


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Hey Tom, 13th place is a respectable finish for sure in a championship field of competitors. I'd like to do that circuit myself, especially being the championship is up here where I may have a chance! Kind of wish there were a few qualifiers closer. The lakes where they take place are places I've not fished too much, but I'd like to give it a go. Would most likely be a humbling expierience as I really have'nt done much Walleye fishing outside of our area and over on the Red!!! I'm still not comitted yet to the Northstar and I'd sure hate to miss it. I'll show up at Saturdays weigh in regardless. Good luck to you in that one as well, thats a great tourney, very competitive with your team, and your brother, and some of the other locals, not to mention those PWT guys that took her last year!

Have a great fall season....Fisky

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Hey Tom, has the earth stopped going up and down yet? Mine just quit about yesterday... grin.gif Next years a different story. I'm highly optimistic....Oh yea, I forgot. I was this year too! Probably see ya for the Classic. It's been a fun year. Take care of yourself if I don't see ya!

Bob (in the Alumacraft)

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