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BRAD - good question! This fall we were below normal in the levels with a slow current. We do have snow within the Rainy River Basin that should be running off into the river this spring, hopefully at a slow rate, not to "muck" up the river. Even with a slow current, once it starts to open the current will aide in melting ice, which hopefully will add to some of the river level.

The way the weather has been I think (not a prediction) that the levels will remain low. The walleyes will still come into the river for spawning, regardless of the level. Drifting will be slower than normal, but hey, that's good, more time to get out of the way of the ice chunks coming down river!! LOL

We have a link on our web site where you can watch the levels at the Manitou Rapids, Little Fork and Big Fork rivers. Also a link to the LWCB water flow released from International Falls. Only one I can't find a link for is Kenora.

Keep an eye on our site, we will be updating as soon as there is any open water to report.



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Hi Sandee, you're up late. I'm getting antsy to skid out my little boat. I tend to agree with your predictions also. Take a peek at the Walleye-Perch forum, there's some Rainy river chatter going on there the past couple days. I mentioned your site on there but it did'nt hi-lite? Looking foreward to your updates this spring. Hope you and Rick have a great season.


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