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Oct 27th report

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Spent the day in the Clementson area, have to say SLOW was the word of the day, very slow, also saw very few fish taken. Now I don't know for sure, but my fall fishing at the Rainey has never taken off this year, is it the ultra slow, non exsistant current? even less current today then a week ago! that allows the fish to free roam, or have they not entered the river en mass yet. Thats my theory, or is a excuse. What do others think?

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That's my opinion, the current is too slow, allowing the walleyes to roam easily rather than to hold in the holes to rest from the current. I also believe this is the reason for more northerns being caught, they also are not staying near shore in shallower water, they are also free to roam.

We found that working any area with or without the structure we normally fish was working to catch some fish. It was good fishing last Thursday, then very slow Fri - Sat and today for most. Although we do have one group of 3 anglers that limited after fishing yesterday and today. They drifted and after finding an area that produced, they anchored.

Color of jig seems to be a matter of either catching fish or just fishing for fish. Try changing up colors. Gold was good yesterday, chartreuse was good today.

Windy days do seem to give a more aggressive bite, but with the colder temperatures, it is harder on the angler!!


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