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4th Annual Northstar Fall Walleye Classic

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Schedule of events:

Thursday Oct. 3rd: Rules meeting at 7:30pm at Wigwam. Attendance is mandatory for at least one team member.

Friday Oct. 4th: Start time of 8:00am from Wigwam resort. Weigh-in will be at 5:00pm at Wigwam resort. Banquet and presentation of door prizes at 7:30 at Wigwam.

Saturday Oct. 5th: Start time of 8:00am at Wigwam. Weigh-in at 4:00pm at Wigwam. Prizes awarded at 5:15 at Wigwam.

Entry fee $325.00 per team, to include registration and banquet.

1st- $7000.00 11th- $500.00
2nd- $4500.00 12th- $500.00
3rd- $3000.00 13th- $450.00
4th- $2000.00 14th- $450.00
5th- $1500.00 15th- $400.00
6th- $1000.00 16th- $400.00
7th- $700.00 17th- $350.00
8th- $650.00 18th- $350.00
9th- $600.00 19th- $300.00
10th- $550.00 20th- $300.00

$200.00 prize each day for largest Walleye.

Prize amounts are based on 100 teams entered.

Two person teams, must be 18 years old, or partner with parent or legal gaurdian.

All contestants must possess a valid Minnesota fishing license.

Both Walleye and Sauger qualify- 15 inch minimum size limit. 6 fish per day per boat with 2 fish over 19.5 inches. This is a catch and release tournement. No dead fish will be weighed or allowed to qualify. In the event of a tie, the biggest catch on Saturday will break the tie.

All boats must be equiped with an aereated livewell.

PFD's must be worn and kill switch connected when running over idle speed.

All tourney boats may be checked by judges boat at anytime during fishing hours.

All tourney boats must be off the water by 4:00pm Thursday.

Boat inspections start at 6:30am both days and are mandatory.

Fishing hours are from 8:00am to 5:00pm Friday, and from 8:00am till 4:00pm Saturday.

Boat inspections as well as starting and finishing of each day will be from the docks at Wigwam resort. The public access at Wheelers point may be used for launching, but all vehicles and trailers must be parked at the Wigwam.

Fishing bounderies- The green buoys at Lighthouse gap and Morris point washout at the west end to Birchdale rapids at the east end. Fishing is only allowed in minnesota waters. Anyone fishing outside these bouderies will be DQ'd for that day. At the rules meeting the western boundary may be extended into the lake a maximum of 3 miles.

All rulings made by the tournement director are final.

For more info call Kevin Olmstead at 218-634-9457 or the Wigwam at 218-634-2168.

Hey FM folks
This is a great tourney at a great time of year to be fishing up here. The weather always seems to be crappie, but the fishing is good and the tourney is run first rate. I don't miss this one for anything! Last year there were 62 or 64 teams that fished {somewhere thereabouts}, and first place payed back $4250.00 or so {again, somewhere in there}. If you like fall fishing on the Rainy/LOTW, with a bit of competition thrown in be up here!

Best regards, hope to see you there....Fisky

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Thanks for the info friskynut! One thing (or 2) I would like to mention to those participating in this tournament.

It is not lised within the rules of the tournament, but personally I believe it should be. There is a thing called boating etiquette - meaning there are numerous boats "flying" up the river towards Birchdale. Time trials is included, checking to see how long it takes to get there and back for check-in time. What I would like to see is the boats running the Canadian side of the river when there are anglers fishing. We have seen boats almost capsized by these boats running 50 mph right down the middle of the river, near boats sitting in the river. Be informed, you CAN LEGALLY naviagate the river on the Canadian side.

We also would like the participants to show some "self respect" as to locating their own walleyes. We have had tournament boats actually push anglers out of an area where they are catching walleyes.

We have many anglers here during this tournament time, they are here on their VACATION, possibly the only one of the year for them.

Now I will come down from my soapbox, and I do offer my GOOD LUCK to the participants.


[This message has been edited by Sandee (edited 09-05-2002).]

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One week to go till the tournement, and the fishing has been getting better and better. Still got time to enter and get on up here.

Who all has plans to be there???


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u need a body?

i tried jo she said i could. permission for pre-fish, tourney, and family


calll me at school i don't reach u first.

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Great interaction between tournament boats and anglers on the river in our area. I commend the participants for their "sportsmanship" and behaviour.

We congratulate Brian Ney and Dan Stier!!


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