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Water, water, water everywhere

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This last weekend we received 16 3/4" of rain in a 48-hour period. International Falls recored 5.73" and surrounding areas also received a lot of rain. The river which was 4' to 6' low on Saturday is now overflowing the banks of the river. All logs and debris on shore is now floating down the river as well. Many are sandbagging, both US and Ontario sides. International Falls has 8 gates open to release water from Rainy Lake, which increased 21" and the Rainy River had already raised 12 FEET!!

The river is not fishable by any means at this point. The Little Fork river looks like it has crested, although the Rainy River basin has not. Some are predicting a few weeks to a month, depending on future rain fall. IF we don't get additional (high) amount of rain, levels should continue to lower and it could be a solid 2 weeks before the river would be naviagable. (Is that a word?) It depends on how much water is released from International Falls.

LOW is also sandbagging in areas, although launches are going out. We heard that at the gap, it has made it's own "rapids" where there is so much water and so little space that it created a "rapids" of water flow.

Maybe we can get some updates from those on LOW and have posts in LOW forum.

We have posted pictures at www.clementsonresort.com/flood_2002.html

We will update conditions.


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Incredible and unbelievable. Those are just two of the nice words that I've come up with since all of this has taken over. The rest haven't been so nice.

Who asked for a shot of rain anyway?

Wow, what an ordeal!
I feel for ya's there Rick & Sandee, I know it must be heart wrenching to wake up each morning and fight the rising water levels at the rate they came this time.
I've never seen anything quite like these past few days.
The river will be a little wider than it was with all the erosion from along the banks.
Huge chunks of river bank have slid into the river, dirt, grass and trees.

The river will definately see some changes as far as shoreline structure and possibly even some mid-river depth changes in some areas created by washout holes or sandbars and the like. Should be interesting to see how it all plays out.

On Mon. & Tues. of this week I launched my 18 ft. Tuffy right in my in-laws driveway.
They lived-(past tense) about 5 miles south of Baudette on the Baudette River. Monday afternoon we launched and went into the home to retrieve some valubles and improtant paper work. Water was laping at the doorway as I tied off to the deck and threw the anchor.
At one point in the middle of the driveway over top of the culvert, I had seven (7) that's right, seven ft. of water flowing over the driveway.

Tues. morning we launched again to see what the overnight rise had left them with and it was a sad feeling motoring back up there the next morning. Nearly 30 inches of water had found its way in overnight and pretty much ruined eveything that was not hanging high on the walls. All garage items also.
Pretty sad state of affairs.

One fortunate thing for them was that they did puchase flood insurance after last years
overland flooding. Normally the little Baudette river is merely a trickle in the back yard, not anymore. It's the last place I ever imagined I'd launch my boat.

But lets keep those in the Roseau, Warroad and Baudette areas in your prayers and thoughts. West of here in those other towns peolpe are really haveing a tough time. The town of Roseau looks like Grand Forks did a couple of short years ago.

How about it sun gods? Got any to spare?

Gonzos Guide Service

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