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Waterfowling in the St. Cloud area

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After scouting and using a 'Minnesota State and Federal Public Hunting Areas' map my roommate and I failed to locate any good looking land. Some of the land we did find that was classified as public hunting land on the map had been posted no hunting.

Does anybody have any suggestions for public land with some potholes that hold ducks in this area? Thanks for the help.

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I'd have the same questions as Tom. There are a lot of options out there for public waterfowl hunting lands within a 40 minute drive of St. Cloud. Many do not recieve a lot of pressure after the first two weekends.

I've come across individuals post public land as private a couple of times(big trouble for them if they get caught). Contact the Regional DNR Rep. in Sauk Rapids if you feel this is what happened. He will get back you you quickly via phone or email as I've had several conversations with him in the past. He can also be a good resource for you inregards to tracking down a place to hunt.

Lots of options west of St. Cloud. Mille Lacs Wildlife Management Area to the east can also be very good(about an hour drive).


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There are quite a few places around the Eden Valley area. I know that the ducks are around and if you are looking for weekday there is alot of spots in the area that nearly no one hunts. The weekend is another story.

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I believe it was on 95 east of town. we called it "NAM" you have to push your boat through chest high muck for about 100yds and then your clear. and boy was it worth it!!!!!
lots of mallards. it is public land.
another thought is to hit the river south of the beaver islands where the refuge ends.
it can be tough there though. SMART BIRDS!
they know where the boundry is too....

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