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Used parts

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I'm removing this posting. I was looking for an old beater 25 horse merc and saw there's a more appropriate forumn.
"Items Wanted"

Thanks for the suggestions.

Pat - [email protected]

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Woodview: Give Bruces Outboard a call. He does a lot of repairs and the last time I was in his shop it seemed he had a lot of parts around. He is NE of Sauk Rapids. His phone is 253 9273. Hope this works. Bill

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Thanks for the info it's appreciated.
Unfortunately I've got to do this as cheaply as possible. The pontoon needed "a lot" of work.
Pretty unique though - I'd never seen a boat that has the trailer attached right to the boat. The trailer has a pivot point right at the front of the boat. The tongue lifts with a winch that also lifts the tires up to the underside of the deck similar to airplane landing gear. Neat idea, though it'll probably be a pain.
Thanks again.

ps don't download any attachments without scanning them! I had a virus attached to one from some jerk trying to pass himself off as a rep of fishing minnesota.. Blasphemy!! virus --> W32.Beagle.H@mm
Rick I certainly hope I'm not stepping on any toes by stating that, just wanted anyone reading this post to know.

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