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Hotspot for Jan 24 & 25


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The weather has been fairly steady for a few days...

I have my house on Becker on the Chain right now...we are not picky...northerns, eyes, crappies. We only keep 2-3 small norhterns to pickle and a few crappies for a family fish fry.

Any suggestions? I am thinking about Kreamer, perhaps another are southwest or west of St. Cloud.

Practice CPR...Catch, Photo, Realease. Unless you pickle a small northern of course.

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Nice to meet you and the boys on the lake yesterday. My son had a great time and seems to have made new friends. Didn’t have a chance to make it back out to the house before you guys took off. I know the boys wanted to exchange phone numbers. Here is my e-mail address [email protected]. Hope to see you guys again.


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How did you guys do yesterday? Did you get your portable fixed yet? I managed only 4 crappies last night on the lake by my place and they were all 10 - 11 inchers. Marked a lot more but couldn't get them to bite. Tried every trick in the book.


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Kreamer can always be depended on for a northern. A lot in the 2 pounds range some smaller some larger. Right in front around 10-12 feet is my best bet for pike. For crappies I like to go across the lake in the middle of the bay the depth comes up a little bit and it is good a dusk. Fish there for the craps and set a flag in shallower for the pike. Good Luck, -Ding

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