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Big Fish

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I was wondering if anyone has done well on this lake in the past, anything would help. I have fished it four times this year because my buddy bought a house on the lake and we are pretty clueless... there is a lot of structure to guess upon. Bluegills, Crappies and of course Wallys are the target. Thanks for anything Donk

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  • Official Fishing Report Team - MN

Glowin33: I haven't fished it much this year but I fished it alot in the past. Its a interesting lake I have had days when I iced a bunch of eyes, went back the next day and didn't catch a thing, same locale,weather etc. If someone ever unlocks the mystery to this lake I would like to hear about it myself. Here are some of the spots I have done good;

WALLEYES: I have found deep is better on this lake for eyes. Key on depths 20-35ft. I would try by the old beach on county rd 50, SE side. There is a underwater point that juts out, fish on the N side in 20 + ft of water. Another one of my favorite spots is the point on the S end, a area called peanut hill, there is also a bar that runs out from here, it contains scattered rock and cabbage, fish the tip or on the east side.

Crappies: They are nice when you find them, A area to try is straight S from the access there is a 30 ft hole before the sand bar look at a map.

Gills: I have neve really caught any of size but you should find some on the sandbar in the middle if your interested.

Northern. Fish the edge of the weeds, they run deep around 15 ft or so on this lake. Some nice pike to be had, key is to set your tipups deep, around 15-19 ft.

Hope this helps!!!

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Icehawk pretty much summed it up to a "t". I have been fishing the lake pretty consistently for the last 10 years or so and have never found much consistency with the walleyes. I can find the crappies pretty regular though and have actully caught more walleyes accidently fishing for crappies than i have persuing walleyes. The walleyes on the lake that I have caught have been pretty nice though. All of them that have been 3lbs and bigger are still swimming assuming other anglers used the same cpr methods as myself. I would ask you to please encourage your buddy to do the same if you hook into one of these lunkers to help replenish the population out there. If you're interested in catching some crappies I'll be out there all weekend in a blue clam 5600 near that 30ft hole Icehawk mentioned. My name is Ricky if you want stop by. Good luck(it defineately is a challenge out there).

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Thanks fellas and I will tell him that wally info... I will probably not go out this wkd, but I will see you out there soon! I gotta go chase after the fabled 16 inch crappie somewhere close

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was out there tonight guys and have nothin to brag about what so ever. i dont know what is goin on but over the last 3 years the fishin has gone from unreal to workin extremely hard for little reward. two years ago i would catch crappies that would compete with red lake and now im lucky to keep a few. i have to entice little ones to bite. has fishing pressure takin that much of a toll in that little of time? i wish i had an answer but i am utterly confused! give me some good posts from this lake just to encourage me that the lakes crappie population hasnt gone to hell. i am eager to hear from the rest of you. thanks, ricky.

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    • JerkinLips
      Walked out about half a mile on Tuesday with max safety (life jacket, ice picks, long rope to house, and chisel).  Ice was very solid and I measured 7½" today (Thursday).  The first 1/8 mile was nice dark ice that was large chunks frozen together, but quite smooth.  Then there was about 40 feet of very jagged white ice.  Had to lift the portable over the points of ice otherwise it would hang up on them.  Then the next mile of ice was rough white ice as shown in the picture with the ice scoop.  At the small island before Birch Island the ice appears to be dark (and probably smoother).  Several snowmobiles and ATVs were running out as far as Birch Island but it was easy walking for me.   Fishing got better each day.  Rainbow and chubs were about equal.  Couldn't catch a fish on pike suckers.  Best fish was the 27" (8#-3oz) hog shown in the picture.  Had a hard time getting her head into the hole.  Picture quality is bad because I wanted to release her quickly to avoid further stress.  Good luck out there and be careful on the ice.          
    • StateofHockey
      Measured 6" good clear ice today about 50 yards off the north side of Moccasin point. Walked out for a little ice fishing. Remember ice conditions vary around the lake, depending on sun exposure and current in channels/narrows. Be cautious, safe and verify your local ice conditions.  Directly off the Moccasin point boat landing, in the channel ice conditions looked poor. Picture is from Northside of Moccasin point I the early morning  when ice looks the best
    • Troy Smutka
      Finished the 23 waterfowl season over Thanksgiving. Got to hunt two days of the long weekend. Saw a modest number of ducks, and harvested mallards, bluebills, and ringnecks as the water began freezing over during the weekend. One of our tougher seasons with different migration patterns probably due to unusual weather patterns with constant fluctuating between well above average temps for a period and then almost instantly well below temps before going well above again, and so forth. Still will cherish the memories with family and friends and relive the sights and sounds of out on the water during fall. Will be posting ice fishing reports in the fishing report clubs as soon as the ice is safe. Happy Holidays everyone.
    • monstermoose78
    • DoubleJarre
      Thanks for sharing this exciting career opportunity with Orvis in the Minneapolis area. It's great to see companies looking for passionate individuals to join their team, especially in the world of fly fishing.
    • gimruis
      Shocking, I know.  And what may be more surprising is that one need not head westward to find them either.  There is a thriving, reproducing population of them right here in Central MN.
    • leech~~
    • gimruis
      Cosmo and I took the afternoon off and went pheasant hunting in the fresh snow yesterday.  Tried some new spots that I have never hunted before.  Raised 28 total.  I got a double at the second spot.  Two roosters flushed simultaneously and I dropped both of them.  The first one one fell dead but the second one went down as a cripple.  After retrieving the dead one, I went over to where the second one went down and after some good dog work, Cosmo came out of a patch of grass with it.  Then the final spot produced another rooster for a December limit.  Hunting after a fresh snow is quite often my most productive and enjoyable hunt of the entire season.
    • BigAl264
      Did you ever trade the 30-30?  If not would you consider selling?
    • smurfy
      go look at the talmoon thread.....kettles got a good report.    earlier last week i guy from another address reported anything from no ice over by leech lake then closer to grand rapids from 2 to 2 1/5 to 5 inches !!!!!! 
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