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Car In Rice Lake

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I did call the sheriff ‘s Dept. and gave them the details.
If you fish this area anytime soon make sure you don’t have gasoline bubbling up your ice hole. May cause some issues when you go to light the Mr. Heater.
The deputy told me about the guy who went in with his ATV last night on Koronis. This guys lucky to be alive. Fell in 3 times.

Nells – Good call having a rope with you. I carry one to.

As for the fishing it was extremely slow.

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Wow! I just don't get people sometimes either. I can see if it was during good ice and something freak happened but what the heck was this guy thinking. All I can say is that he better have a boat load of cash to throw around. After the divers and removal crews charge him, I hope he has enough for the fine that they are going to sock to him for mucking up our lakes. I imagine the oil and gas are not so hot for the fish population! Anyway, did you catch any fish?

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Whiling enjoying a nice evening of fishing on Rice out off the point in front of Fisher’s Resort, our a party noticed a mid sized car having fun whipping doughnuts out on the lake just after dark. Eventually the idiot decided to drive though the group of house we were set up by. Seconds after he almost ran my tip-up over he drove straight over the pressure ridge just off the point and in the car went just 70 yards in front of my house. The driver was the only one in the car thank god! As we ran to help, the drive crawled out his window and climbed onto the top of the car where he tried to jump to safety. When he jumped off, the ice broke underneath him and in he went. Luckily he was able to get enough of a grip on the ice and pull himself out before we got to him and had to put ourselves at risk. I have worked in Alaska as an Emergency Responder for 10 years and if you ever find yourself in this kind of a situation make sure you don’t add to the victim count. Try to safe out the area as best you can before you try to help! We told this individual to get into a fish house to try and stay warm. 90 seconds later the car was on it’s way to the bottom in 30 + feet. We then tried to find this guy and where told he ran off towards Fisher’s Resort. Another smart move, let’s run around soaking wet at night on a lake with the temp around 20 and dropping.
Well I found him near shore and made sure he got help at a nearby house.
There are a number mistakes this guy made. Please use your head when venturing out on the ice. Have fun but play it safe. Remember “Ice is never 100% safe!”

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God to hear that the driver made it out safely and that they had someone looking out for them to get to safety.

Other than that I sometimes wonder what these people are thinking. I guess the answer is that they don't.

Their behavior not only puts themselves in danger but those who are also in the ice. I've had a few close calls with doughnut spinning yahoos just about wiping out me and my fishhouse on the ice.

Aside from that.....How was the fishing?

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It's good to see you back on the forum. I read in the St. Cloud Times about a guy dropping through the ice three times yesterday evening on Koronis, about the same time as the guy you saw. The first time was on an ATV. Never trust a pressure ridge!
I usually keep a rope in my portable just in case I have to rescue someone. At least nobody had to risk their life to save this fool. Did anyone notify the sherif to let them know the guy was alright so that they don't go out there with a dive team and risk more lives?
Now for the important question...did you catch anything besides the spare tire?


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