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Hey Paul...weekend fishing report

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Hi Paul,

I just got back from my 4-day weekend in your area. Doesn't it always happen that the weather gets beautiful the morning you have to leave?

Here's a quick recap:
* Beers Lake - booted a 35-36" Muskie at boatside...first time I've fished Beers and NOT caught a muskie. Bass fishing slow and a few small pike.
* Sauer Lake - several bass from 14-17" and a few small pike. Couldn't buy a bite on a jig, but caught several on a crankbait...very weird.
* South Lida - some respectable bass to 19", but numbers were low.
* Johnson Lake (Southeast of DL) - some pretty decent pike up to 30", and some hefty bass that hit big muskie plugs.
* Leek/Trowbridge Lake - tons of snakes and some 13-15" bass.
* Loon Lake - pretty darned good bass fishing with the 2 largest running 18 1/2".
* Pelican Lake - had some trouble controlling the boat on this big lake...did not spend much time, but caught a few small bass and pike. Wow, are there some fancy places on that lake!
* Boyer Lake - Only caught 3 bass, but all were between 17"-18 1/2" and FAT! I understand the fishery is only about 5 years old from a '95 winterkill and '96 restock. Those bass must be on steroids to get that big in that period of time. Also caught what I would have to call a Silver Pike...could this be? It was shaped like a pike and had 5 nodes under the chin, but had no markings whatsoever. I've heard of them, but never caught one.
* Little Comorant - mostly small bass, but a few in the 17" class. Loads of small pike.
* Mississippi River (South of Brainerd) - some walleye and pike, and another booted muskie. It was absolutely pouring rain that day...pretty miserable conditions.

The weather (for the most part) was crappy, and the fishing marginal at best. We focused most of our efforts vertical fishing blow-downs that bordered sharp breaks. The fishing was especially good in the areas where the deep weedline was near the wood cover. The flats seemed void of fish. Crankbaits on the deep coontail also produced, but only sporadically. Topwater fishing at day break was always pretty consistent. We moved around a lot, scratching a few fish every here and there. We never really got into any big numbers of fish except around the sunken island on Sauer. It was an enjoyable, but wet and windy weekend.

I'll be back in about 4 weeks.


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Paul Rohweller

Hey! thanks for the update!
Man you put a few miles on huh? lolol
A bud caught a 6.5 largemouth on east battle lake over the weekend, only bass he caught all day but it was worth it!
Walleye fishing has been good if your not right under a cold front. I've boated about 40 eyes in the last three trips out. Nothing noteworty in the size department tho. Mostly 14 to 19 inchers with quite a few dinks mixed in, but the action feels good after the summer heatwave..That silver thing you caught on boyer was a silver pike, they were stocked in there after the winterkill. I have had one follow a big purple and gold muskie bucktail right up to the boat andI know it was at least 15 lbs. Alot of these local lakes have large numbers of perch and freshwater shrimp, the fish love them and they get fat fast!! Good luck and good fishin!!! Paul

Paul Rohweller
Pine to Prairie Guide Service

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • bbfenatic
      Many of you FM long termers remember FisherDog from way back...he used to post all the time before he moved to Florida.  He was up for a couple days this past week and we got on a good crappie bite in the area, he is a Crappie Guru and man we worked hard but had fun...boated well over 100 in 2 days on the outside weed edges...many absolute Donkeys. Kept a few smaller ones so he could have a fish fry for his family...couple of pics...he's in the blue shirt.
    • ozzie
      Any action out on Gull?  I have tried a few times and have had some success pulling rapalas but finding areas void of weeds is getting harder and harder.  Just curious how others are fairing out there.  I am thinking I need to get out there during the day and try small jigs and 3" minnows as that is what have been in the guts of the fish we have cleaned.
    • ozzie
      I have a buddy that has a cabin on the lake and he will fish the walleyes over deep water and also in the weeds as they seem to relate to both at times.  Seems like a hard lake to pattern but he always seems to catch something out there.  Good Luck
    • Hoey
      ...oh and I ran into Fiskynut on the Lake as well as the Point following Striefffs too.  
    • ozzie
      so just curious how is the water situation in the area?  the document didn't open and I don't get up in the area as often as I would like but I have heard of quite a few storms roll through the area.  I know the sentiment earlier this year was it was gonna take a lot to get things going in the right direction, so has that started to happen or still way below normal?  Thanks
    • ozzie
      Sounds good!  I won't be up this weekend but in the future I will look for ya!  I am in a couple different boats but a Lund Tyee is what I would be in most often with a 200 merc on the back.
    • Hoey
      Not to mention that some of these boats had doubles on the biggies, so they could select the heaviest or caught another biggie after tagging one.  Our boat did not get a biggie.  We had over 24 slots for the day, our biggest was 25".
    • Rick
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    • srj
      Quite a strong bite for the Streiffs tourney. I think there were 20 or so over 28", with the biggest weighing 10 3/4. Last year I think there were five overs. The boats were spread all over the lake. Many were fishing the mud, a few were quite shallow and some on the rocks. Most guys spoke of slot fish like crazy......but roughly 1 out of 6 boats having a 28" plus is crazy!! The stage got a bit crowded when the big fish catchers got up there for a picture.
    • gimruis
      They can go on opener like everyone else does instead of pre-emptively scaring the local ducks out of the area.