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Good question, I've not seen a detailed map of the river, might be something out there though. I print out zoomed in satellite images from MS terraserver and put the details on these printed images myself.


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With the fairly low water on the Red at this time, it's a good time to scrutinize the areas that we fish when the water is up. I've spent 4 days the past week on the Red, besides the fishing I've been taking digital pics, making sketches, and marking details on maps {terraserver images} of sections of river and shoreline streches I fish when the water is up. I have done this in years past when the water is low, and a guy can make lot's of neat discovery's as to what's exactly down there when the waters up, and why particular species are in these areas. In the past week I have found alot of places to try fishing when the waters back at a more normal level, and come fall if the waters back up, alot of spots that should hold Walleyes that I have motored past seasons prior. Way cool to see some of these spots high and dry, and the make up of the substrate, some old stump fields, Mussel bars, sand/gravel bars, ect. Definetly adds some perspective as to why fish are in these areas at certain times. Did a 2 day overnite trip from Drayton up to the 175 access end of last week and found/marked/detailed alot of fishy looking spots to try in the future..... Also found 3 anchors, 4 old junked out rods and reels, and a beatup canoe stuck in the mud! I also picked up about 3 pounds of weights of all types near the Drayton dam in a half hour while waiting on folks to show up before departing.

Take advantage of the low water by taking pics and notes, making sketches, and what not for future reference. As volatile as the Red is the water could be up 5+ feet next time!


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Where do you get a decent map of the river?

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Awesome idea. works good with print outs of terra server maps.

How was the river level up there. I am heading up there today. Have not been there all summer. What landing did you use and was it ok?

Hope to hook up with some fattys.

Wiskers Guiding Service
Red River & Minnesota RIver Channel Cats, Flatheads & Walleyes
Crookston, MN
[email protected]


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    • Rick
      Any fishing reports?   With this warmer weather, has anyone been out?   What are the ice conditions in the Bemidji area?
    • BrianF
      Made the trip up from the cities to retrieve my boat in storage here at the cabin. Got out on the lake tonight for a bit on the snowmobile.  What a mess.  Slush and ponded water everywhere.  Ice depth was 26” on the staked trail and the ice came out in chunks not shavings when using the auger.  It’s definitely getting softer.  We had probably a foot more ice last year at this same time. Gonna be iced out early if this keeps up.  This trip is likely my last time on Lake V for the ice season, unless conditions become drastically colder for a prolonged period. 
    • Wanderer
      None for me yet but I’ve pretty much just been going back and forth from work or been on 371.  Been looking anyway though.
    • Mike Ravenhorst
      I know it's super early, but I'm heading to Birch lake this summer, actually twice, for the first time. My family and I are heading there in mid August, and the guys will be heading back for Labor Day.  We will be after primarily Pike and Walleye.  I can't seem to find a ton of fishing reports for this time of year.  Most of what I find is for Spring action.  We'll be staying at River Point Resort.  Any tips to put my girls on some fish would be GREATLY appreciated! 
    • opsirc
      Do they have dates for this year
    • Borch
      Been seeing a lot near food lots and corn fields.   With the fields starting to open up turkeys, deer and pheasants have been hitting the freshly exposed ground. 
    • Hoey
      Big Dick's in Kelliher has a sign up for Shiners.  IDK if live or frozen.  Call Fred's Bait in Deer River 218-246-8710..  Good Luck.  Be Safe.
    • smurfy
      Well at least you have your shirt on!!😊 nice pics you 2.
    • sledhead
      Anybody know if any bait shops around that still have live shiners? Leaving in the morning and would love to get some. coming up from the cities.   Thanks
    • mrpike1973
      Thanks again Smurfy!!! My casting arm is getting twitchy.