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I fished the Red above and below Fargo all weekend. We seen Little sign of any fuel on the Red. We did see a bit on Saturday, tiny spots that smelled little fuel oil. We caught plenty of cats, even with the soft bits and cool weather.

The "NEW" spill up by Menomen on the MN Wild Rice may be a very bad deal. Especially now, the cats are headed into theses high flow tribs in large numbers in pre-spawn mode, not good.

I remember a big spill years back at English coolie near GF, killed tons and tons of sumo cats that time.

What kills me is this is very likely the work of vandals. Them vandals better PRAY HARD I don't catch them Eh!

I may be wrong, but are not all fuel storage sites mandated to have containment barriers capable of retaining ALL the fuel that is stored in case of a spill?

I think the EPA will need a call on these spills and do a serious fallow up on the storage practices in this region. A storm drain right near a fuels storage site, like who the $%%5 thought up that idea Eh?


The MN DNR & the ND G&F were jointly on the prowl with their new River Pro all weekend, looking about.

Them guys really love that rig Eh. I can tell they are getting into theses partoles more and more. For years they were spooked to run the Red, now they do it with ease. I think they just love that River Pro so much that they make up reasons to do trips. wink.gif

I have a strong hunch Kevin that ND will have a few very soon too. The powers at the top are seriously looking at them It seams somebody's has been whispering in there ear Eh?


Ed "Backwater Eddy" Carlson
Backwater Guiding "ED on the RED"

[This message has been edited by Backwater Eddy (edited 05-19-2003).]

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Anyone else hear about this? Flying J had 2000 gallons of diesel spill into the Red as a result of the rains we've received recently. That sucks! I hate it when I hear about crap like this.
I also heard the Wild Rice had a considerable amount of fuel dumped into it near Twin Valley. May have been the result of vandalism (the report I heard was somewhat tentative as to the actual cause so don't hold me to the vandalism deal).
Crap like this really burns me!!!

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Any reports on the river below the fuel spill?

How bad is the slick and are they getting on it like they should be?

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    • sheephead2
      We have been up since Saturday and all we got are small walleyes.  Very windy today.  Hope wind goes down  
    • pikeandchester
      Quite a bit slower today. Only saw 2 teal between yesterday and today, which  really surprised me and most of the wood ducks seemed to have moved on. Didn’t stick around long enough for the geese. Hope everyone had a great weekend and good luck!
    • monstermoose78
      How is it going today 
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      Carp30, Vermilion is starting into the fall transition period now that the water is cooling down. The bite can be either great or tough during this period. Yesterday we caught walleyes as deep as 44' and as shallow as 10'! Location and time of day is the key! We caught walleyes deep using short snell Lindy rigs,( 2 ft.), with minnows, The shallow walleyes hit best on the same rigs using 1/2 crawler. Sand and rock mix or transitions are the key areas right now. Necked down areas that have deep water and adjacent sand flats are almost always good now. Cliff
    • Bigfatbert
      If  my memory serves me correctly , yes you can . I believe that we were able to safely walk a 16ft boat through the short stretch of current . When we did this it was warm part of summer and we were in shorts and just had a pair of tennis shoes on when we walked the boat up stream which was about a 30 yard or so pull .Now if you would attempt this during colder weather like now , I’m sure a pair of knee length rubber boots would be sufficient . Very beautiful clear water with awesome scenery . Walleye , Smallmouth , and Lakers . 
    • JBMasterAngler
      Has anyone fished North Lake before? Lakefinder says there’s a navigable waterway there via Gunflint Lake. However, the map shows rapids in between Little Gunflint and Little North, with a short portage. Just wondering if I could get a boat in there. 
    • JBMasterAngler
      I’ll be the odd man out...saganaga.
    • ANYFISH2
      Have got out 3 evenings so far.  Seeing deer only one of those evenings.  4 deer Monday evening with a fawn buck and a small 1 and half old buck coming within range.   Woods and fields are changing fast.
    • pikeandchester
      Good opener on the water in the Mankato area. 3 wood ducks and 2 geese. Little guy’s first opener, we left at 10:00 and he wanted to stay longer than I did! 
    • curt quesnell
      Easy fast fishing these days. Check out the latest from NCOR Guide Service.   https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2232660840142436&id=770784022996799