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Lots of run off on the way from the South and East into the Red River. Jumped up fast yesterday, muddy but it may get the bite on a roll. The walleye bite was improving by late day yesterday. This flash run-off will pull some nice walleye up into previously inaccessible tributaries.

We should see a good catfish bite appearing rather quickly now folks.

I have noticed a lot of Goldeye, suckers, and cats being tossed up on the banks at the Maple River Dam, and several other locations in the region.

This is a total waste of a resource and illegal to boot! You will get fined for this behavior. It is not a recommended procedure to eliminate undesirable species of fish. Besides, undesirable for one, is desirable for another. You are doing NO GOOD to the system at all by tossing fish up on the bank, none!

If you do not wish to utilize or harvest the fish, release it healthy. I personally would not hesitate tuning in anyone I see doing this.

Besides, who wants all then fish flies biting you on your next trip out, think about that once folks? And the smell…"WHEW"…who need that? The fines are not all that much fun either Eh.

Police up your %#$%% TRASH too, some areas are a serious mess, what a shame.

If you can pack it in, your certainly capable of packing it out when you leave.

In short, Respect the resource and ALL the other fisherman who utilize it.

Ed "Backwater Eddy" Carlson

[email protected]


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Yup a good point. There's nothing as offensive as rotting fish and garbage left behind on the banks of the river if you're shore fishing. I'd even like to extend the invitation to carp -- bow hunters.... please dispose of your carp away from the river in an approved locale.

Dan Kiazyk
Cat Eye Outfitter
[email protected]

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    • monstermoose78
      We got two ducks. We should had more but it was fun shooting. I need to keep my face on my stock. I had pass on many birds as another group moved in on top of us. I had 5 woodies locked up and I drew a bead and I saw the other guys faces. No shot as i would killed them or wounded them. They knew we there but did not seem to care.
    • monstermoose78
      Great job guys!! I got 8 shots off the first one was good then I missed 7 in a row. Gordie got one and well river rat got zero. It was a hoot to hunt with them. 
    • Parmer
      I have a 2018 ice castle with the GS trailer frame. Are you supposed to drill holes to let water out of the tubes or do the new GS trailers have holes in them already? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
    • MJ1657
      We we're done by 7 this morning.  Were set up over field goose decoys now. 
    • Cret Jigs
      Clear skies this morning but hopefully you get some dinner .... otherwise  the Pike are biting!!  👊
    • Cret Jigs
      Pike very active with 6-12 feet running crank baits ... also Bass !!   Been using various crank runners some off deeper weed lines 12-15 feet.    Fun trolling and having to stop because the rod was smacked hard 😃     Cret
    • monstermoose78
      Finn and I are up trying not wake the wife. Been up since 2 am even as a kid i did not get up this early for Christmas. Stay safe everyone. 
    • Carp30
      Cliff, my family and I will be making a weekend trip next weekend to try for some walleye's for the first time at lake vermilion. Any tips as to what technique to use? I hope we are coming up at a decent time. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much we shall will report back.
    • Dan Foshay
      Anyone hear how fishing is on Rush lake for musky? Thanks
    • Bryan P
      Been awhile since I posted, busy summer but finally got the kayak back out on the Mississippi to chase after them fall smallies. The bite was really good and managed a new personal best at 21"! Bait of choice is my wacky worm, they never can resist! I'll be chasing these till ice is on the lakes. Best fishing is right around the corner, goodluck everyone!    Video:  https://youtu.be/PJOZITB0ol0