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Try the bite at Morton pond near the intersection of I-29 and #11, 10 miles west of Wahpeton.

Was out there yesterday and the ice is 4-5" but caution is needed on all ice yet!

I had my best luck with crappie type presentations and aggressive jigging of a perch size jigging Rapala 2-3 ft. off the bottom.

Very clear water and you can see the trout slashing at your bait's as you tease them up. Some hit right under the ice! Fun to watch!

Some pesky perch on the smalle type mixed in with the trout so the light peckers may be them!

Bigger trout seem to run high in the water column and like larger minnows or lures.

Good fishing!


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Hey Ed! Been trying to get down to Morton. I hope the bite is still on by the time I get there! I also wanted to let you that Fishinbuddy is up and running again.

P.S. Ever had any luck with the sunnies on the ol' square pond or just the runt type variety!

Keep warm,

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Trout are eager to please yet at the hiway hole.

The panfish there are dink's, not mutch of a chalenge either.

For some good area panfish think Dead Colt Dam near Lisbon ND. There are gill's there that go 11"!! Some nice bass, crappie, cat's, and walleye too. Interesting pond that Dead Colt is!

Good hunt'n!


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Pressure has been light at Morton Pond with few ice shack's on the ice.

Trout fan's it is worth a try for sure!

Water clarity was very good on my last trip an the trout could be seen very easily chasing jigs.

My best success came from jigging high off the bottom in 12-16' in the east & west corners on the south side.

Luminescent green and yellow are popular with the bug eater trout along with large active fathead minnows on the old fat piggy trout.

Don't overlook this pond if a trout trip is a plan this winter.

Backwater Eddy...><,,>

Backwater Guiding Service

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    • leech~~
      No body on this site has "Faith" in what they can't see!  😕   😁
    • MinDak Hunter
    • MinDak Hunter
      Out tonight with the kids, honeycomb ice on the top 2 inches with water over the sheet of thick ice. Exposed shorelines are soft, my dog and kids broke through while walking. Even though the shores are shot for driving I’m guessing we’ll have good walkable ice (waders) for a while...
    • Wanderer
      Haha - ya I spose!  Only we weren’t shooting paper.  Painted steel hanging targets with a spotter and spotting scope. Drive to em to paint em but no retrieval.  
    • smurfy
      yea no target pic...……...I aint buying it!!!!!!!!😁 awesome looking gun !!!!!!!!!
    • pikeandchester
      Got out for a couple hours yesterday. West end of Francis again, several small sunnies but no crappies this time. Access is pretty beat up, need waterproof boots but the ice is holding up so far. Couple guys had an Argo out.
    • Wanderer
      Nice @AlwaysFishing23!   We drove by there last night and were tempted to pop a few holes but had burgers on the brain too much.   I got over half of the bottom part of the list done today and 1 part of the top list done, which was much more fun!   A friends custom 6.5 dialed in.  Started at 500 yards and finished at 1000; 7 mph cross wind.  My favorite hits were the 4 inch circle at 550; the 4”x5” plate at 700 and managing a 12 inch 3 shot group at 1000.  Man, he’s got this baby down.
    • monstermoose78
      Wow the fish were on fire but little. I caught so many 4-7 inch gills and one 3 over 7 inches. Crappies were harder to come by and 5-7 inches. 
    • AlwaysFishing23
      Got out fishing this morning at about 9am and was off by 2. Had a group of good buddies join and ended with 3 limits of big gills (8”-9.5”),  (limit on this lake is 10 per person per day) 2 jumbo perch, 3 decent pike, and 3 largemouth ( all pike and bass were released immediately as they are out of season). AWESOME day with a good group of buds. Sight fishing in 4-5FOW made the action even more fun😁 if you were able to get out it was a great day to be out with friends, family or the kiddos. 
    • redlabguy
      We get mailboat delivery on Black Duck Island (east Frazer Bay) starting around the 1st of June through the first week of September. Other times, the Tower PO is good about holding mail. Aronson Marina runs the mailboat and could answer your question about Portage Bay.  Good luck, Dick