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OutdoorMN News - Snowmobile riders revving their engines across Minnesota (published January 14, 2022)

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • monstermoose78
      Da fishing hole in little falls!! We could have met for lunch
    • JerkinLips
      I've been just using a plain red #4 Gatsuma hook on a 3 foot fluorocarbon leader this winter.  Pike suckers are another option for live bait if you can't find chubs or rainbows. Not a good sign for my trip up next week.  Wonder why it is so difficult to find bait up there this winter.  Seems like a lot more people are ice fishing this year.  Guess I will have to check all 3 bait stores starting at Lucky Seven.  Hope I don't have to drive to Ely.
    • Rick G
      Finding most of my better late January fish out deeper than I was earlier this month. With the snow cover and thicker ice we have on most of our area lakes, a lot of the shallow green weeds are starting to die off or already have died off.  With conditions getting tough in the shallows on some lakes, this will push the fish a bit deeper looking for food and more comfortable habitat.   Tricked this beauty and a few of his buddies into biting today.
    • Wanderer
      Not much.  I set the house on the edge of some but it seems the slush is just under the drifts.  It’s all hard packed out here.  Maybe a foot of snow in the drifts.   The wife had epic calamity while I was out drilling in the basin.  She had a pike rush and wound up on the losing end of a “whale” that got into her rattle reel and… her favorite rod!   I got a text:     Now ISO new favorite rod.
    • smurfy
      there are ALOT of them snot rockets in there!!!!!! matter of fact long before this new regulation came along, bowstring and sand lake thats attached via river had a 9 fish pike limit.   good luch chasing crappies....there nice ones iffin ya can find them.
    • leech~~
      Any slush around? 
    • Wanderer
      Bowstring.  All new turf for us.  Don’t even know what colors work best out here so starting from scratch.  It’s clear water though we’re starting with the standards.   Didn’t get a lot of advice at the resort but they had a couple other things going on so kinda distracted I guess.   2 more snot rockets at pizza time.
    • leech~~
      So where did you end up going? 
    • CigarGuy
      Hi Chad, everytime I go down to the mailbox, I look for your house out there. By the looks of your driveway, looks likes you haven't been up most of the winter, must be enjoying Colorado! When I was out fishing last week, there were some people out fishing near Metsa's point. Seems like when I do see people out on this end, they're usually around that area. I'll be sure to stop by!
    • Wanderer
      only been set up an hour!  High standards! 😄   2 perch and 1 pike so far though.  All small but some action anyway.  Once this pizza is done I’m going looking for crappies.
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