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Probably moving to Le Sueur. Need Lake/Boating advice


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I looked but didn't see anything recent on this,but I am sure this is a common topic. 


I am likely moving from Northern FL to Le Sueur within the next 4-6 months.  I currently have a 17' Deep V Bass Tracker that I have used fairly well through the lakes and rivers in FL, and a little bit of fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.   The boat is meant for somewhat bigger waters but not offshore fishing.


I am looking about maps around the Le Sueur and Mankato areas and I don't' see a lot of lakes about there.  For the people in this region, I am curious


1.  What are good lakes to boat/fish in?  Where do you go usually?

2. Do you go further "up north" when it's warmer?

3.  How long of a drive on a trailor for these areas from say, St Peter or LeSueur?

4.  Is a 17' power boat something that fits in with the boating community in this area at all?


I have seen Le Croix river a lot in the searches, and this seems nice but apparently crowded at times and seems a bit far.  I am considering selling the boat if it just doesn't fit in with the fisihing and boating in the SE MN region.  I would miss it a lot but can get canoes or kayak, and honestly I love fly fishing and can do that wading from a river anyway.  Also I could charter boats for the rare times off I get in the northern waters if I miss it too much and moving a boat from FL to MN isn't really cheap.

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Lake Washington by St. Peter  (S.E.) is one you could use easy enough and there others, but it's been 30 plus years since I lived in the Mankato area..    


3 or so hours north, and northwest you can find lots of lakes..    or you can drive further too..   


good luck and welcome!!!  

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Your boat will fit in fine on most waters in our state if you choose to bring it with you.  Southern and SW MN are leaner in lakes than much of the rest of the state as you’ve seen.


Everyone travels here for fishing even when they live on water.  LOTS of opportunities here.

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I agree with @Wanderer but something to bear in mind is that we are in the worst drought here in about 30 years.  Many lakes and rivers were at historic lows this past season and some accesses were not usable for a boat like yours.  Hopefully this problem is solved by spring time with a monsoon of moisture.

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