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OutdoorMN News - DNR stresses safety after deadly few weeks on the water (published June 17, 2021)

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It’s been a deadly start to the open-water season in Minnesota. As of June 16, as many as nine people have been victims of boating fatalities. That number, which is preliminary, marks the most fatalities at this point of the year in more than a decade. In addition, a higher-than-average number of people have drowned at places like beaches and swimming pools.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • smurfy
      Oh you'll have plenty of time before snow flies.😉 you just need to put your mind to it !!👍🤭
    • TrueNorth
      I rented a cabin in June that had the new StarLink (Elon Musk) in it.  Let me tell ya....Lighting!  I was pulling 150 to 200 MB.     4 of us stayed there and zero problems...even during heavy cloud cover.  This is the solution for fast internet up there. 
    • StillFishin'
      I don’t know the technical on how ACcess Mn works, but we have it as of this year.  I still have my CC service( which used ATT tower in Frazier but too far away)  as I’m up not up there permanently.  No internet at the cabin before but now there is, plus Wifi calling.  I may ditch my land which will save $.      
    • leech~~
      I'm wondering if you should try and use long track sled tracks as it maybe a bit tippy, or keep it as wide as you can. Are you may find out you will need a pair of skis out front for better stability? There are a bunch of them on Youtube to look at. Some of them seem more front to back tippy then side to side becuase of being top heavy. But, Im no engineer! 😆 Love the concept! 👍
    • Austin12345
      I think when your ice fishing a fish finder is your most essential piece of gear it makes a worlds difference to be able to hole hop and find different areas and see fish chasing. In the summer time it is not as essential but it can give you a huge advantage if you know how to use your unit right.  
    • Mtnman
      Happy you are getting rain. Should be back on Rainy the end of August.  Cheers !!  
    • papadarv
      My total design. All details are mind created as I build. Did this sketch design last Dec.   In my "Open Air Workshop" behind my shed  
    • delcecchi
      Well, missed us again.     That radar overlay at Wunderground wundermap seems to be off a little.  Basically, pffft it was done.   A lttle toonder and lightning and then nothing.   
    • Mike89
      tornado and water spouts are one and the same I was taught....  just sayin....
    • Steve Smith233
      Thanks for your informative article.
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