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OutdoorMN News - DNR unveils new pollinator license plate to help preserve critical habitat (published January 14, 2021)

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Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Commissioner Sarah Strommen today unveiled the design of Minnesota’s newest critical habitat license plate, featuring native pollinators including a bee and butterflies. The new license plate is available now online and at deputy registrar and driver’s license offices statewide.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • smurfy
      i was kinda on the fence with this........ personally i could live with a 10 fish limit............not sure about the 5. i fished a lake that has had a 5 limit sunfish. they were easy to find and catch, and while not huge but nice. its a landlocked lake, no inlet or outlet....... not sure if that is a thing or not when setting these limits.    lakes in our area here, carnelian and pleasant come to mind that had had the 5 fish limit for a while, never fished the lakes, ........but has it done any good. i heard they are loaded with little dinks.   after reading some comments............i think it be better served if they'd close the season and protect them during the spawn. just my2 pennies.....i know they get pounded also after first ice out.
    • gimruis
      I didn't specifically blame you or anyone else.  If you felt that I did, I apologize.  But I am quite sure that when someone posts a bucket of fish or a bunch of them sitting on the ice, they aren't going back.  In fact, when someone posts a photo of a large sunfish or crappie, I already assume that the fish is released.  I would certainly HOPE that's the case to benefit all of us.   This new regulation would not exist now if there was not a problem.  As I previously stated, I personally know individuals, even in my own family, that heavily contribute to this problem.  A new bag limit of 5 sunfish isn't going to make much of a dent.  Instead of keeping 20, they'll just keep the biggest 5 they catch.  And the harvesting of big bluegills has already been established as problematic that has led to this very restriction.  Either that or they'll just go to another lake and start harvesting there instead.  There also seems to be a lack of enforcement with existing laws as Conservation Officers simply can't keep up.   I have not kept a single fish in several years now.  And even before that, the number I kept could be counted on one hand.  I do enjoy the taste of a fresh fish fry on occasion but I strongly feel that too many of them are being harvested by others and I am determined not to contribute to that.  There was a time in my life many years ago when a day of fishing was defined by how many fish I came home with.  I'm past that.  Way past it.  Many years ago there used to be a quality population of perch in Mille Lacs.  We'd go out to Isle Bay in the fall every year and pile into those things by the dozen.  We always went home with some and they tasted great.  But looking back on that now, it was shameful and selfish because that resource is non-existent anymore.  I contributed to the demise of it over and over and over.  It still bothers me and we're heading down that path with other fish too.   I realize my opinion will offend or differentiate with others, including yours Icehawk.  Thank you for being honest.
    • smurfy
      thanks ProV..yea thinking wheelers will need to be our mode of transportation!!!!!!! has anyone caught or treid for tullies out there yet??????????
    • PSU
      Agreed Skunked, I do the same at the lake. We too never allowed a tv at the cabin for many years, but as the kids aged (and didn't come up as much) we decided to start watching sports, etc. 
    • GeluNumber1
      I'd be willing to make the drive if it's held this weekend. Not sure if I'm comfortable driving out past then with the warm weather forecasted. 
    • SkunkedAgain
      It is pricey but you are paying for high speed, reliable internet assuming you can get a clear view of the sky (no tree branch or other obstructions). I have read mostly positive reviews but it comes down to what you are willing to do and/or pay for connectivity.   I did order the kit since Mrs. SkunkedAgain told me to, "...stop being a penny pincher and just do it already." I don't plan to stream as we don't have a tv at the lake, but will use it in order to work remotely so that we can be there more. I am fortunate to be in a position to do so.
    • SkunkedAgain
      When I drilled last Tuesday it was about 23" of ice near Hibbing Point in HOL bay
    • TomWehler
      Anything possible.....every year different, makes it more fun. Been hang'n round lake since 1974 n owned island since 1994....fun junk x 100000. Very Special place to me n mine.  One year was in the bay boating March 29th...lake clear on April 2......Couple time lake clear 2nd week April...fun  stuff, but cool doing traditional Dock Dip.  Major Shrinkage!!!      Here some dates since own island...huge mix.  One thing for sure, ICE WILL MELT......but Ya never can tell what goes on down below, as this lake can be more spooky than you or I know..  : ) Big Smiles n Keep on rocken!   T     1994 May 2 1995 May 3 1996 May 14 1997 April 30 1998 April 14 1999 April 26 2000 April 20 2001 May 2 2002 April 25 2003 May 1 2004 April 29 2005 April 19 2006 April 18 2007 April 29 2008 May 13 2009 April 30 2010 April 6 2011 May 1 2012 April 2 2013 May 17 2014 May 13 2015 April 18 2016 April 25 2017 April 15 2018 May 8 2019 April 30 2020 May 1            
    • PRO-V
      29" of ice by Stoney Point on Winnie. Lake travel is good but accesses could go bad quick.
    • Rick
      Regulations in this instance is meant to preserve a resource meant for all.   I find most who post here have a very healthy CPR ethic. Occasionally keeping wild fish meals is also healthy.   The regulations are merely a check to ensure those with a 'keep all mindset" don't abuse the resource.   I hope you're doing your part @gimruis to ensure a kind and generous of heart mindset.   Words mean things.
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