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OutdoorMN News - DNR Roundtable will go virtual in January (published October 21, 2020)

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Eyesniper
      Icedog, your on the right path if your looking for lightweight fast moving portables! I had my pack-a-shack for 8ish years and had no issues with at all. I use mine for running and gunning river eyes. They do get very tight if you need a heater and I’d recommend using as short of a rod as possible. They are perfect for if you just want to sight fish on a warm day. Good luck searching!
    • smurfy
      I don't need a huge one but bigger than a one man. Used my brother's one man once, just not enough room for me and fishing deep with 2 holes is looking for a diseaster waiting to happen.   And I'd really like a zipper door so I don't have to always flip it to get out.
    • Wanderer
      How big of one do you want @smurfy?   I switched from my old Fish Trap uninsulated Voyager to a used Otter 650 last year - insulated roof only.  Smaller and a little tattered but had some adds for $450.  That’s about as low as you’ll see them.  Most of the houses I’ve seen his size run $950 - $1100 used in like new condition, assembled.   The thing with the insulated Otters is they get big and heavy fast cuz they’re built so well.  The 650 is an oversized 1 person/small 2 person that I can manage better but you can’t pack the kitchen sink in it.
    • smurfy
      Just curious Jim, how much ching you have to put out for that. I am throwing around the idea of replacing my old uninsulated Dave gentz fish trap. Looking to go insulated and a zipper door.   Really struggling with this as I only use it 3-5 times a winter. My main means of winter fishing includes a spear.  
    • Pigmeat
      Bumping this topic. What are people seeing around the Cities? Thinking about driveability cuz I want to shake down my ice camping system. Catching fish would be nice, though😊
    • Wanderer
      Looks like you’re set up VERY well for the northland!
    • jim curlee
      Picked up a new/used Otter the other day, I like it. Very little condensation, ran my heater on low, was plenty comfortable. Wish the trout would have cooperated, maybe next time. LOL  Looks great hooked to my new Skandic. Great snowmachine, was hard makin the decision to drop the coin, but I'm glad I did. Now all I have to do is find the fish. LOL Jim  
    • whateverisbiting
      I agree with a post above that breathable boots (or raincoats, or anything in that material) does not stay water proof. Material like Goretex is a hydrophobic polymer that is porous.  I had an intern job where we manufactured this type of material.  Liquid water will not run through it due to surface tension, but vapor water does, so at first it works great.  However, once you get anything into the pores it creates channels that water can flood through.  So if you keep it super clean by not walking in mud, it works.  But of course with boots for hunting that's not going to fly.   I have really bad luck with breathable boots and I keep looking for ones that have a higher full rubber boot before the breathable material starts and I have not found on that looks good.  So when its really wet i stick with full rubber, which of course means sweaty feet.   I saw a post saying use spray maybe that is the answer?  Is that for breathable material?  I still wonder though if spray is just blocking the breathability as well as keeping water out.
    • Dan85
      We should get coyote hunting back to the top of the list. Many people out there chasing these wiley critters over the winter months? Ive been out twice so far this season with a swing and oops stood up to leave at the wrong time to show for it. 
    • Dan85
      I will do some looking. I had one a while back, but may have already gotten rid of it before we moved a few years back. I'll have to go through the pile of untouched items in the shed. 
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