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2020 Waterfowl Hunting Reports by Troy Smutka of Great Day on the Water Guide Service

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  • 4 weeks later...
Troy Smutka

Sorry I haven't posted recently. We have been out hunting pretty regularly. What a weird weather pattern this fall. Guess the weather would be as abnormal as everything else in 2020. Where we hunt in central MN, we have frozen over the small and medium water twice, and then warmed it back open twice. Record snowfall from October is gone in November. With this unusual weather, we have noticed a very irregular migration. Gusty WNW wind and cold days that we thought would be lights out were disappointing, and some good hunts happened on warm SE wind days that we didn't have high expectations. There are still plenty of mallard, bluebills, goldeneyes, buffies, and mergs north of us, but not much using the lakes around central MN right now. We are switching over to field hunting near town, as there are a lot of geese and mallards sitting in town and feeding in surrounding fields. Attached are some pics of our last couple weekends on the water. Hopefully some pics from field hunting with another report will follow after Thanksgiving. Good luck, stay safe, and happy Thanksgiving.







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      By Brandon Smith
      Where are people taking hides these days? I haven't seen hides for habitat dropoffs this year.
    • monstermoose78
      By monstermoose78
      Good luck every this weekend!!
    • ANYFISH2
      By ANYFISH2
      It appears the US Fish and Wildlife Service is in the press of removing the Grey Wolf from the Endangered and Threatened lists.  After waiting period they will be delisted on January 4th 2021.
    • going4it
      By going4it
      Heading up this week to chase birds and wondering if the leaves are mostly down? Thank you for the info. 
    • gimruis
      By gimruis
      Not sure if anyone else saw this but the statewide pheasant report was released by the DNR yesterday and its up 42% statewide.  Its the highest numbers in over a decade.  A mostly mild winter and a dry spring likely accounted for lower mortality and a good hatch.  There will be no shortage of birds...or hunters.
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      I have a new Ruger GP100 6" barrel and I'm looking for the best cartridge for deer hunting? Max distance would be 30 - 40 yards
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      Just heads up, if you haven't already heard.  Camp Ripley youth hunt has been cancelled for 2020. 
      Public hunts will not have a lottery, information and purchase dates will be released in August.  This allows for a easier cancelation of the hunts.
      Thanks Covid.
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      I can’t find varmint loads any where, Any help? 
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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • markcl
      How much ice to walk out, 4 wheeler, truck?
    • monstermoose78
      Probably not duck hunting as it closed on Sunday. If we can stay cold at night I will go check my first ice spots, but they just locked up Monday night. I will check in a day or two. 
    • CigarGuy
      I have att and the service seems to be getting worse over the last few years. Neighbors and others on our end of the lake say the same thing. Wife have Verizon and she gets decent service. Anyone have tmobile on the west end? Wondering if they have any kind of service in this area. Talked to att, they are sending me a new sim card to see if that helps. Of the 3 times they were going to send me a sim card, first and third order never shipped,2nd order was the wrong size. Between live calls, chats, I've been on the phone/computer for 3-1/2+ hours! They're customer service sucks!!!
    • Hockeyboys
      Related topic --- We currently have ATT cell coverage and thinking about changing to Verizon.  Our ATT coverage has been pretty good covering all the way to the south parts of Trout Lake and all the way west to Norwegian and Head O'lakes.  Any input on the coverage across Vermilion with Verizon?
    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      On the south end...  It's a waiting game.  Hoping for cold temps and calm winds.  This past week saw some strong winds blow ice around the basin, eating up some of the thinner ice that had formed.  Forecast looks promising to lock things up in the very near future.  Resorts are monitoring ice conditions on Four Mile Bay, Zippel Bay and various areas of the shoreline.  It's important to wait until they say it's good to go and stay on their marked trails when it is time.  Resorts and outfitters monitor ice conditions now and throughout the season daily.  Some spearing and angling for pike in back bays.   On the Rainy River...   The river is covered in most places with a layer of ice.  Most ice fishing is done on the main lake during the ice season where there isn't current.  There can be some good ice fishing on the Rainy, but with current in the river, work through a resort for safety. Up at the NW Angle...  With the border closure, NW Angle Resorts and Community have pulled together and will have an ice road up to the Angle so anglers can access resorts.  The NW Angle Guest Ice Road ice access on the south end will be at Springsteel Resort.  More info on Facebook @nwaiceroad.   The Angle is iced over and resorts are monitoring ice thickness.  Some resorts have been checking for walleyes in a few spots having good success.  It's not ready yet, but the ice is coming along nicely.    
    • JBMasterAngler
      While on my way home from work this morning, I seen that Peltier Lake was frozen over. Clear Lake was probably 99% froze over...looked like a couple random little open spots from geese. To my surprise, Forest Lake was completely iced over. Someone was still busting through ice and duck hunting though. This is very encouraging, as I was hoping to hit the ice this weekend, somewhere north of Hinckley. Tonight’s low is supposed to be in upper teens. Anyone else see other lakes?
    • SkunkedAgain
      Thanks for the update Alex E. It sure would be nice to have an alternative up here. It's good to know that it mostly works even with trees obstructing the view. I'm curious how it changes once all the trees get their leaves back next summer.
    • SkunkedAgain
      Some of my exploits (such as breaking through five inches of ice) have been well-documented on this forum. I thought it would be interesting to hear some of the dumb things that we've all done on/around this lake. They can be funny, serious, life-threatening, just plain dumb, or a combination. I figure that we can all learn a bit while sharing some embarrassing moments.   Mine is a split-decision:   Dumb Candidate #1) Around 5yrs ago, we all headed up for fishing opener. A buddy that used to co-own the cabin got there first with other guys from the group. There was a few inches of fresh snow everywhere. Nobody shoveled the dock or stairs before I got there. I didn't bother either as I was the late-comer. Throughout the weekend the trampled snow turned into ice with each step. Fast-forward to the day everyone was leaving and my buddy slipped on one of the last steps, falling on the corner of a stair tread, and broke several ribs. As the host, I sure felt like crap for not taking charge of things once I got there and getting things shoveled. It sucks seeing a friend get hurt and knowing it was preventable.   Dumb Candidate #2) This summer I took a bunch of nieces and nephews for ATV rides back in the woods. They all had a great time. On the last of five trips, I was a little too excited and went faster along the trail. At one point the edge of my left front tire caught a log and turned the handlebars sharply. In the end, I spent portions of many weekends this summer replacing tie rods and a demolished cv joint on my 2002 Polaris. That was my penalty for being dumb but a good lesson learned.
    • SkunkedAgain
      Who is paying the gas bill for that? 😬   Years ago for a milestone anniversary, we all loaded up in one of the float planes and took a September tour of the lake. It was beautiful and well worth the money. The pilot was only 21yrs old but she definitely knew what she was doing. She even circled our place while all of our neighbors were outside cheering it on. Good memories...
    • gimruis
      I heard a plane flew over and some people were within reasonable distance of open water.  Not very smart
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