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Heading up to V the first weekend in October. Aside from the casino and The Landing, where can you boat to for lunch?

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The Vermilion Club on the west end of Daisy Bay - best pizza on the lake and a great place - club is a 1 block walk from their docks on the lake; Bayview Bar & Grill on the west end of Big Bay; Wolf Bay Lodge on the north end of Wolf Bay just before the river.  I recommend that you check all of their Facebook pages or websites for current hours.  You can also boat up the East Two River (SE Pike Bay) into the town harbor and walk to Benchwarmers and Good Old Days.

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Good point about walking into Tower from the East Two. I often forget about that.


You could also go to Glenwood Lodge at the east end of Pine Island. It's mostly beer and pizza with snacks, at least the last time that I was there. As far as I know, what Skibo and I posted are all of the locations on or near the lake.


There are also multiple shore lunch sites on the lake. They all have beautiful views, a picnic table, fire ring, and latrine. Bring your own lunch, or better yet, bring the fixings to cook up your fresh catch from the lake.

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12 hours ago, delcecchi said:

Life o Riley at least does breakfast.

Breakfast there is June 1 to mid August 

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22 hours ago, bassbouncer said:

Breakfast there is June 1 to mid August 

Didn't know that they hung it up that soon.

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If you go to the Landing I recommend sticking to wings or pizza.  Everything else is a crap shoot.  Literally.

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Has the pizza gotten better? It was bad in the beginning.


We had exceptional garlic-butter wings and burgers back in May when they only did dockside delivery. One time in June or July I had their fish tacos which were good. Italian sandwich was good another time but they severely overcooked my brother's walleye sandwich and fries at the same time. 


The bartender told us that they were having staffing problems. Put that on top of the volume of customers they seem to consistently have, and I'm not surprised that the kitchen staff is inconsistent. It's still way better than the last owners!

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Went to the Landing last night for the first time in about 10 years. $89 for a few drinks (3 men), wings, a walleye sandwich and a french dip.


Average at best

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We had a group up this last week and hit many of the restaurants around. Here is our experience.  Note that the staff at every place we went to provided great service and added to the fun of going out. 

Benchwarmers - Meals were very good. Portions were small but satisfying.  Only complaint is that the East Two River / Channel to get there was longer than I expected. 

The Landing - The people that ordered wraps / burgers had great reviews. The appetizer platter was over cooked in the fryer.  12 guys with food & drinks was $220. 

Casino Buffet - Closed.  Snack shop is open but is a glorified concession stand. 

Wilderness Clubhouse - They had the outdoor grills going to make fresh burger baskets. Tasted like a good home grilled burger with all the fixings. Everyone thought they were great. 

Vermilion Club - Got there too late for food but still had a good time. 

Old Muni - Was surprised when we went there and they didn’t have food but drinks were fine. We ended up at Subway since McDonald’s was closed unusually early. 

The Crescent - Burger and Pizza were good but the bone in sweet and spicy wings were awesome.  I might just get 2 orders of those for dinner next time. Hot, crunchy and good ranch!

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I'll add to that. Four of us had burgers Friday at The Landing and all were good. No complaints. I think that the burger basket specials were all $11.99.


We all ate at Wolf Bay on Saturday for a late lunch. Four meals and eight beers was $80. Very reasonable and good food too.


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