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Camp Ripley 2020.

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Just heads up, if you haven't already heard.  Camp Ripley youth hunt has been cancelled for 2020. 

Public hunts will not have a lottery, information and purchase dates will be released in August.  This allows for a easier cancelation of the hunts.


Thanks Covid.

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    • monstermoose78
      By monstermoose78
      I have boxes of 40 cal HST rounds 50 per box and I am trying to figure out what I should charge from them?
    • gimruis
      By gimruis
      Not sure if anyone else saw this but the statewide pheasant report was released by the DNR yesterday and its up 42% statewide.  Its the highest numbers in over a decade.  A mostly mild winter and a dry spring likely accounted for lower mortality and a good hatch.  There will be no shortage of birds...or hunters.
    • 2adrsuess
      By 2adrsuess
      Anyone care to share how their season went? This was my first season waterfowl hunting in southern Minnesota, and so far I'm eating license and stamp soup! I started out jump shooting along river beds, and then picked up a dozen mallard decoys and went out on the Mississippi with my canoe. Saw a lot of birds early in the season, but they got few and far between pretty quick. I've been geese hunting public fields as well with two dozen silhouettes, but the geese seem to have moved south as well. Maybe this storm tonight will bring in some fresh birds. I'm telling myself I made all my mistakes this season, and I'll give them hell next year
    • Brandon Smith
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      Where are people taking hides these days? I haven't seen hides for habitat dropoffs this year.
    • monstermoose78
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      Good luck every this weekend!!
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      It appears the US Fish and Wildlife Service is in the press of removing the Grey Wolf from the Endangered and Threatened lists.  After waiting period they will be delisted on January 4th 2021.
    • Troy Smutka
      By Troy Smutka
      This season got off to a slow start after my son got his first ever bird on his first youth opener. Parker's first shot at a duck or goose got him a ten pound Canada goose. Early regular season netted a few bluewing teal, wood ducks, and a mallard, but we weren't seeing as many birds in central MN as we usually do early in the season. With the cold fronts and even some snow lately, things have picked up with us decoying mallards, pintails, greenwing teal, shovelers, canvasbacks, ringnecks, redheads, and bluebills. Worried about an early freeze up with the current weather and forecasted weather, but we shall see. Good luck, and I will see you out there somewhere.

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      Heading up this week to chase birds and wondering if the leaves are mostly down? Thank you for the info. 
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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Brad B
      I am now good with this happening this weekend or the originally planned 13th as I can now make either date. regardless I still might hit the chain up this weekend. have a spot over on cedar island I want to try out. 
    • monstermoose78
      I keep fish a about half the time I fish or less and I am very selective on what goes in my bucket. 
    • smurfy
      Good idea. Now I need to find my winnie lake map 
    • Wanderer
      You’re gonna be on Winnie already.  Just grab up some tullibee there.  30-40 feet of water and watch your electronics.  Whatever depth the basin is by your perch spot, just move 30-40 yards or more out from the bottom of the break and you should see some.   If you tip your jig with bait, go minnows or minnow parts over waxies.  
    • Wanderer
      Any chance of bumping it up to this weekend?  The 13th seemed pretty arbitrary anyway.  Plus smurfy could get in some camaraderie before heading north!  Might put chaffmj in a bind though?   Personally I’d have a better chance of making it, not that it should influence any decision! 😆  Besides, the area is gonna get hit this weekend anyway now that it’s posted. 🤫   Just my 2 dimes and a nickel.
    • eyeguy 54
      12 days of warm. Probably gonna wipe out the access. Bummer
    • leech~~
      Is that what you do to find and catch big Crappies. Don't inhale? Can you post a video on that, It would be interesting to watch a smurfs turn Blue! 😆
    • IceHawk
      Its not all about the fishing it's the camaraderie, friendships, laughs, make it worth the admission ticket alone!  😉
    • IceHawk
      Gimrius I personally take a little offense to this if this is directed to myself and some of the others that post fish pics here quite often. And not to bring up names but i think we both know who you are relating to and I put myself in that same category group. . I personally am friends with many of these guys and have shared the ice with them many times over the years. This  group of fish posters are  probably some of the best stewards of our resources that  I personally know. Just because someone posts a pic doesn't mean that all those fish are harvested. In fact I know one hardcore fisherman on here who rarely keeps a fish ever! And not to personally speak for others but I and my family personally like a meal of fresh panfish or eyes on occassion and harvesting some within my limit is my right. Now I fish a ton open and hard water do I keep fish all the time nope but if the craving comes for some fresh fish and I want a meal for sure some are going to get  harvested.  I realize from reading over your stuff on here and some other sites over the years you aren't a ice fisherman at all? Am I right you are a Bass Muskie guy? Maybe before you put people in a group and judge  them , try getting out and share the ice with me and  some of these guys there knowledge and respect for the resources might surprise you and change your viewpoint. 
    • JV Ham Lake
      We walked to our Daisy Island cabin last Saturday.  Beautiful day with the sun and little wind.  Only caught 1 small walleye.  I measured 21-22" of ice in 20' of water.  Did I see somebody's post saying the ice was 32"?  With the next couple weeks forecasting to be at 40 degrees or above that would seem to raise the possibility of open water in April.  Thoughts?
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