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Baits vs Lures

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For generations, fishing enthusiasts from around the globe have debated on which is best: bait or lures? It’s a question worth asking, but the fact remains that each option has its own pros and cons and in the end, there’s a lot to be said about personal preference. If you are still on the fence, take a look at both sides of the lures versus bait debate.



Obviously, we would not be having this argument if neither option had its advantages, so let’s begin with the benefits of bait. Bait is very effective at fooling fish into believing that there isn’t a trap, says Fix.com. It also is very cost effective, especially if you catch bait fish or pick worms yourself. Perhaps best of all, the fish usually do the heavy lifting with bait fishing as they hook themselves when they bite or swallow the bait trap, meaning there is less guesswork involved when you think you feel a tug on your line.


Bait needs to be kept fresh if you hope to fool fish with it so extra work is required to hold it in this fresh state. Even if your bait stays chilled, it often smells, and a day of fishing will mean getting the smell of bait handling all over you. Bait also is like a buffet, which means small and large fish will both show up to take a bite from your hook. Finally, if you plan on catch and release fishing, hooks can often end up deep as the fish mistakes your bait for an actual snack. This swallowed deep hook can do a lot of damage which may make a safe release impossible.


While some people live and die by bait, there are just as many who prefer lures. As far as advantages, the main one is that they can get you more involved in the action. Bait typically is a passive fishing technique – throw and wait. Artificial lures, on the other hand, have little tricks that they perform, including vibrations and noises that attract the fish. Lures can also be cleaned and used over and over again, which means if you’re buying bait every time you fish, you can save money and get more bang for your buck by investing in good lures. Finally, lures are more adaptable, meaning you can get a bit more targeted with the type and even size of fish you’re looking to draw by selecting the right lure.


While you can get your money’s worth out of an artificial lure, you can also find yourself emptying your wallet for some very expensive lure options. Also, some of the more intelligent smarter fish can detect the fakeness of many lures which could mean that your dream fish might not go for it. Lures also have a habit of getting caught on rocks, trees or weeds, so caution is necessary. Cutting off a caught bait hook is pennies lost, while a stuck lure can mean several dollars or more claimed by the water.


As you can see, there are many advantages and disadvantages of using either approach, but the important thing is that you find what's best for you and you find just that on our website, check out our juicy lures and see if you like anything -> https://turmenic.com/products/juicy-kevlar-jointed-lures

Learn more about our fishing lures and fishing gear by checking our website or you can contact us at any time: [email protected]

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Stick in Mud


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • monstermoose78
      Starting to get pumped up!! I have been working Finn most days and now I need to start working myself up for hunting. 
    • smurfy
      I would think maybe Bigfoot.👍😂   But Yea the hair definitely looks like a deer.
    • TrueNorth
      Stayed on the west side last week.  Perfect weather for most of the week.  Light winds, cool mornings and 70-80 during the day.  Plenty of sunshine - no rain to speak of.     Of the ~20 Walleye we caught, 60% of them were in the 10" to 14" range.  Everything else was 22" to 26".   Trolled plugs but mostly fished spinners slow w/ Crawler and Leeches.    Fished mostly deep reefs all over the main basins.  Kept moving.  Biggest take away was a large scale bug hatch going on (not mayflies) and the largest small perch population I've ever witnessed.  Both of these lit of the electronics with pure clouds... 4-6" perch literally everywhere.  Pretty amazing to be honest.   Every fish was very healthy...stuffed full.  Gonna be fun in a few years.  Also caught several nice Bluegill, Small and Largemouth Bass and a few Pike.  All larger than past years.  1 50" musky stopped by to say high in calm weather middle of the day.     Did make it to the East side a few days with little success but the timing of the day didn't help.  Definitely marked plenty of fish off deep reefs in 16-30 mainly in Big Bag.  No bug hatch there and not near the bait fish population.     If I was there this week, I would fish reefs near deepest water adjacent to defined points.  That's my 2 cents.  
    • jeff_s
      SkunkedAgain, I’m sure my friends with the Incinolet would be happy to show it to you. They’re on Grassy Point. PM me and I’ll hook you up with them. 
    • muskie-mike
      I use 12 lb suffix 832 and find i use 4 ft of line for every foot of depth with a 30 ft mono leader...  
    • Raven77
      The most interesting thing I've seen on the lake is loons flocking up to fly south.  Saw this on Norwegian Bay October 9, 2018.  There had to be at least 200 of them, including some clearly too young to make the trip.
    • Raven77
      I've been having good luck with lead core as well.  I use Suffix 832, with line counter reels.  Each color is 30 feet of line.  As a rule of thumb, every 1 foot of depth requires 5 feet of line, so if you are fishing at 30' FOW you would let out 150' of line, or 5 colors.  Trolling speed affects how deep your crank is running as well (slower is deeper).  I usually run between 2.2 and 2.5 mph.  As a check, you can keep letting out line until your crank starts bumping bottom and then reel up 10' of line.  
    • ozzie
      I hear ya on the difficulties fishing any lobe of Whitefish on the weekends!  Just have to get up and be done before 10am or go back out after 6pm and the lake settles a little.  We trolled "lower" WF on Thursday evening and only caught 1 northern.  Didn't appear to have as thick of a gathering of fish... We went back out on Saturday morning to try our luck on Whitefish for Whitefish and in 2 hours caught 1 3.5lb'er and missed a few bites.  Wow can they be fun to pull out of 50-70 ft of water.  We use jigging raps but wow do whitefish bit lightly but put up a good fight...and there are plenty of them on the big lakes!!!  Good fish on the smoker too!! 
    • Borch
      I sent fish them suspended in the basin areas.  Do get a few any off bottom near weed edges and suspending near flats that drop sharply.  Like Bobt I have had good results trolling cranks over and around weeds.   Also, midlake humps with spinner rigs/crawler or jigging raps can be very good.   Panfish can be awesome.   However I had trouble pinning down many nice ones today.  So even they are not a guarantee.  Maybe I will have a better report soon as I will be up through Thursday evening. 
    • ozzie
      Well we launched there this weekend and the inspector made sure he was off the tar and parked out of the way.  We thanked him and he said "it sure would make things a lot more difficult if someone were parked in the lined off area to pull around in!"  WOW!!!! was nice to have an inspector with common courtesy and common sense!
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