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Recommendations for good kayak fishing in Minneapolis or St Paul (NOT a far drive, I live downtown but love the outdoors, so accessibility is key). Species doesn't matter a whole lot, love it all - bass, walleye, northern, musky. I'm aware of where I can get to with a kayak, but am curious if anyone is willing to share something a bit more precise from their personal experience in a kayak or boat. Thanks!

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If your willing to, I recommend a river.  Doesn't have to be a big one either.  They are extremely under-fished in this state and many of them have great fishing.

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Go north just a wee bit. Find the 1st access you like and launch into the Mississippi River. Really, anywhere between MPLS and St Cloud.


Cannon River east of Cannon Falls is great for walleyes and smallies.

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Don’t go to the Cannon River on weekends! It’s nothing but an army of drunks floating down the river. Vermilion River east of Hastings would be better. Good for crappies and white bass. 

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Coon Creek in Coon Rapids has smallies walleyes pike catfish largemouth. Fish downstream from egret Street. 

the rum river is good too

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I used to fish right below the Grays Bay dam on Lake Minnetonka when I was kid.  We caught all kinds of fish there.  I often wondered if a guy could start there and float further down on Minnehaha Creek in a kayak.  It sounds like its quite possible, especially after a good rain like we just received.  Might be worth a try.

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Although I appreciate the replies and any effort because I know it's good faith, they're not of much use. As originally posted, this is really looking to withIN Minneapolis / St Paul.

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Posted (edited)
9 hours ago, Salsballs93 said:

Although I appreciate the replies and any effort because I know it's good faith, they're not of much use. As originally posted, this is really looking to withIN Minneapolis / St Paul.

Yah, sometimes it’s hard to get info about city fishing when most of us try to get AWAY from the city! 😄


I read your post a few days ago and only thought of the river, Minnehaha Creek (both already mentioned) or the City Chain of Lakes. I used to trailer my bass boat to Calhoun or Bde Maka Ska and trolling motor the whole lake and sometimes into Lake of the Isles.  We always picked up nice bass on the weed lines and an occasional muskie.  My best bass was a 6-4 but we always caught at least one 5 lbs along with multiple 3’s and 4’s.  I never spent enough time on Harriet to figure it out.


The River can be fished in sections.  Just pick one.  Some of the harbor and island areas were always good for white bass and smallies.  Look for rip rap.  My favorite bait was a small bomber model A with clear sides and chrome middle to emulate the shad.  Occasionally I’d tie into some channel cats or even a stout flathead.

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Thanks! I think the chain and river are pretty clearly the only viable options for my pursuit. Thanks all.

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    • Yancimator
      By Yancimator
      After fishing every handful in years in Minnesota for 40 years, I'm FINALLY going to bring my wife up to Vermillion and see it for the first time.   I'm chasing smallmouth and pike only (well, I'll gladly wrestle with a fooled Musky but not fishing for them).   If the largemouth fishing is better than the smallmouths, we'd probably chase some of them too.    Staying at Ludlows on the island.   Boy I'd love ANY help with where to start my searching for the smallies and pike and what to key in on that time of year.   I'll have basically two days to fish and will have my own bass boat.   I am an artificial bait only guy and catch and release.   Just looking for a bunch of tugs on the line and hopefully put my wife on some action.  Any guidance or direction??   
      How deep are the smallies and what do they relate to that time of year?   Are the pike around visible weeds or submerged cabbage or something?   I'm coming in clueless.   Sure appreciate ANY help anyone's willing to provide.   Thanks!!!   Yancey from St. Louis, MO
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      Headed to Brainerd Area July 9-11 coming from Colorado to visit friends. Well actually my girlfriend is I am tagging along to hopefully catch some fish with my flyrod And or jigs. Seeking advice on which lakes and tactics and anything else helpful to help maximize fishing  time in your state. I will have access to a canoe on Hubert Lake. Any and all advice would be much appreciated if anyone is into flyfishing Stillwater and would like to go or show me some pointers on your home waters That would be awesome thanks looking forward to any responses.
    • Bryan P
      By Bryan P
      Got out on Fathers day with the Kayak down the Mississippi River for some good ole Smallmouth Bass action. River was low which made a great float and the smallies were hungry! They just couldn't resist the wacky worm once again. We have such an amazing fishery here in MN, glad to call this state home.  Enjoy. 
    • Salsballs93
      By Salsballs93
      Nice spots that are difficult to get to for shore fishing but accessible in a kayak or canoe? I've exhausted the shore fishing options and got a kayak to get out there. Info appreciated for any lakes within the metro but am primarily focused on ones easily accessed WITHIN the city, not the distant suburbs. Thanks!
    • Well_Read_Redneck
      By Well_Read_Redneck
      The Largemouths have been biting more and more on Lake O'dowd in Shakopee.
      I landed this dude at around 8:30 last night in about 4-7 feet of water using a Berkley plastic worm on a Texas Rig.
      Lots of fun catching him from my kayak
      The ruler is a little blurry, but I marked him at right around 17 inches.

    • Djsnej123456
      By Djsnej123456
      How’s the bass fishing this year? Weeds? Water clarity? 
    • MNredneck
      By MNredneck
      I am going to cuyuna in a coule weeks and I am planning do do a little bit of fishing but am not much of a trout fisherman. Do the northerns and bass in the mine lakes have any size to them?
    • iStryka
      By iStryka
      I live in the keewaydin 55417 area and the family craves fishing, a lot of the lakes around the area are a bit high pressured it seems as we've been out as far as Lake Elmo, Clear Lake, Vadnais and Lake Peltier but to no avail ( 2-3 hours of fishing with only 1 catch on some days ) on sport fishes. Is there a creek/river/backwater that's accessable for shoreline fishing that's got good fights? I'm down for kayaking too since we have a Jackson Tuna and a F&S Shadowcaster but we don't have an anchor so river kayaking is a no go ( I'm a fairly large lazy dude ) for me.
      Our next target area would be Cannon River south 30 minutes of us.
      Happy Fishes everyone
      - Charlie
    • Tripp_315
      By Tripp_315
      Smallmouth seem to have lockjaw...  anyone figured them out and got on a good bite? 🤞
      Any tips for the Eastside ?
      Thanks in advance..
    • Pong
      By Pong
      I've been out fishing recently and have been completely skunked from the bank and from a boat using ghost minnow colored squarebills, black jigs with green pumpkin trailers and white paddletails. What would you guys recommend I use from the bank and from a boat?
  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Wakemupwalleye
      Any help on the walleyes would be great. Been up here a week and caught my share of 13 and below but just can’t get on anything with size. Quite honestly not marking anything. Feel like I’ve tried everywhere. Have they gone deeper? I’ve been fishing reefs that normally hold fish. I’m on the west end but will fish anywhere 
    • gimruis
      Went dock skipping again yesterday with a friend near Zimmerman and it was still effective.  Chartreuse with black flake has been the go-to color in that murky water.
    • Better Than Working!
      How big is the first one? That is a mighty fine looking fish! I am jealous!
    • monstermoose78
    • Muskies
      I have to agree with everyone. Up on rainy lake, the bass have been bitting...here’s a few pics...
    • jigginjim
      Try walking the west side, if you can get a float tube you will have the whole lake to access. Jigs with swimbaits, twisters or crankbaits, jerkbaits work well.  now the you it's summer, frog type surface baits will get you some large bass or even a muskie.  Sorry, I  have been guiding, not watching the network.  
    • Wanderer
      That’s the access I normally use too and yes, it’s a bad set up.  I don’t recall the inspectors car parked in the no parking spot but it’s a sure thing there isn’t much room to turn the rig around!   I can do it with the fishing boat OK but the pontoon requires me to back into the parking area rather than pull in to launch, unless there are zero rigs there already.   The inspector themselves?  Meh, I don’t get too worked up over whatever they say.  Some follow their training to a T and some don’t.  I’m used to dealing with scripted situations though and know they can’t cite me.  I just smile and nod.  I would for sure say something if their car was taking up valuable asphalt there though!!!
    • TenthousandLakes
      Nice fish!  I was out near mille lacs area and the frog bite was killing it. Had a handful in the 17-20” range. 
    • Muskies
      It’s been a good summer so far. Of course, fishing always good but the boat traffic is down 75-80%. Drive out, pick a reef and start jigging!. Hopefully everyone can enjoy all parts of rainy next summer. Picture is from my wife and I Monday afternoon (August 3).Caught a total of 20 walleyes, 10 perch. We kept 6 slot fish for supper.
    • cgreene
      Great catch! I love fishing while raining. The just enjoy spending time in a lake with cool weather.
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