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5.18.2020 On the south end...  Resorts are open and anglers enjoying fishing and fish frys.  A strong walleye bite continues with best success in 20 - 30 feet of water.  Anchored up and vertical jigging a jig and minnow or frozen emerald shiner has been very successful.  Gold / pink or gold / orange colors hard to beat.  South end water temps warmer than north end of lake.  Fish on the south end mainly post spawn, up north, still spawning.  A nice mix of eaters, slots and trophies.  Some big pike continue to be caught as well.  

On the Rainy River...   Some good walleyes were caught in the river this week.  Best depth 12-24'.  Jigs and minnows working the best.  Some fish still being caught in the Four Mile Bay and the Bostic Bay areas.  Fish are post spawn.  Some shiners are in the river holding fish. The sturgeon season is closed until July 1st when the season re-opens.

Up at the NW Angle...  Until the US / Canada border opens, guests can travel across the lake and stay in MN waters.  Some resorts are offering transport service across the lake in MN waters to the Angle prior to the border opening.  Various south shore resorts are offering parking for guests of NW Angle resorts.

Fishing is great.  Anglers fishing the Angle are catching good numbers of walleyes.  Jigging rocky points and reefs close to islands in 8 - 25 feet of water effective.  Some good fish also coming on crankbaits in 8-12' of water. 

Kendall_46 inch pike_051720_Ken Mar Ke Resort.jpg

Cooler of fish_051720.jpeg

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      Ended up going out to the South end of the lake this weekend. Did ok for bites not knowing the lake so only brought home one pike. Saw quite a few more but they were all too big to keep with the 24-36 slot in effect. Biggest surprise was catching a small pout on my first cast yesterday. Definitely a river lake.
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      Kiddos had a blast.  The River is hot right now!  Fishies got the feedbag on bigtime.  We were using nightcrawlers mostly.  Crank/spinners or minnows will work fine too (as others down the shore (more than 6 feet away of course) were having good luck.)
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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Squirrelhawke
      thank you Tom got the wife on it now
    • ANYFISH2
      Isaac was at it again this evening!  He has now broke his PB 3 times since Friday.  Friday he caught a 19 1/2" that weighted 4lbs 10oz, then Saturday the 5lb 2oz, 20 3/4" girl above.    Now today, he catches another 20 3/4" but this one weighted 5lbs 6oz!  He is on fire!   Or, I am just good luck!
    • PRO-V
      I was just testing your knowledge of geography and you got a perfect score. 
    • CigarGuy
      I emailed manicks yesterday morning and voiced my concerns, 3 hours later my dock was in, but not the lift. It looks like they put all the docks in on the Partridge River. We got 6 more walleyes last night, 1- 12" and the others over 22". Back home now.
    • Wakemup
      Seconded! I took down 3 pines on Sunday and a brief but refreshing dip followed.   Manick’s hadn’t been to Wakemup Narrows, so it was a working weekend around the place- fun to read the fishing reports, keep them coming!
    • PRO-V
      You know what? I double checked with them and it was Sand. Sorry for any confusion.😜🤣
    • tacklejunkie
      Gave it a go over the weekend. Nothing F and F  but did get our a limit. Harnesses with the standard chartreuse blades trolling at 1.4-1.6. Did play with some flicker minnows and flicker shads and nothing on the minnows but did get two and released a nice one on the shads   Just troll the flats. The fish LOVE those crawlers.        
    • james_walleye
      Every fish we caught was on boulder points. Not much going on the normal shorelines and docks that we like to fish. 
    • smurfy
      🤣 funny guy. That tree line kinda looks like just south of the access but dead giveaway were the rushes!!   Looks alot like sand to me.
    • PRO-V
      My stepdaughter and her husband figured they would try Peterson since they were close. I guess she got this 19 1/2" this afternoon. 
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