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Unsettled Times ahead.

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Couldn't have said it better myself.


Thank you Chris.


I'm also available via PM. I will fo anything I can reasonably do to help through this event.


We're family here and being here for each other is what it's all about.


Be patient, be in the here and now....especially if you start to feel a negative emotion...take a deep breath and truly see what you have to be grateful for, before responding. 🙂

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Tom Sawyer
On 3/23/2020 at 12:39 PM, IceHawk said:

Well as we are facing some crazy times and going into some uncertain times ahead. Stress and anxiety will be at a all time hi. Tension amongst family and friends might be tested to a all time peak. Just wanted everyone to try as best as possible to stay positive optimistic through the whole scenario We will all get through this, maybe in the end it will open all are eyes up to certain ways we live act treat each other . Lets all keep our heads up Positivity is key to better health and a better life. Lets try to help out wherever we can to help our community's and friends neighbors and loved ones. Lets Try not to show the fear we all feel and  face in these unsettled times.  The younger ones especially are kids are looking up to us.  Lets all act like positive role models and do our parts to try and get things back on track for everyones sake.   Many will be seeing some free time ahead with job layoffs business closings etc.  Lets turn those bad situations into good positive ones. Volunteer help a elderly person  neighbor donate to food shelves, etc. 


Lastly we are all family here even though some of us have our differences at times 😉 LOL   FM has always been a safe place our second home where we all feel comfortable a safe place sort to speak. We all come log in  and will especially in these  hard times ahead. 


Couldn't agree more. Following what is suggested is all we can do.   

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1 hour ago, Tom Sawyer said:


Couldn't agree more. Following what is suggested is all we can do.   

I just took a deep breath as advised above but I still found the urge to say “my my  my”; so I’m now taking  another deep breath and I will say no more !

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eyeguy 54

Back to talking about tooooo many jigs 😁. Be safe guys and hopefully we will all be out doing what we love n May

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Bass Thumb

Well said, Chris. It’ll be over soon. Just gotta endure and put it in the rearview.

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    • Wanderer
      Sounds like you got your money’s worth!   I hunted 3 afternoons in the C season is all, due to being too busy with work and projects or too tired/lazy to get up in the morning.  Didn’t take any time off work to chase with all the COVID stuff going on.  The bird I did get was one one the easiest birds I’ve ever taken on the first day of the last season.     I guess what I’m saying is you EARNED that bird and should rightfully be proud!
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    • Dave Bonjour
      im, new to this sight,and my wife and i will be going to Lake Osakis for a few days in mid June to target walleye and crappie,any tips and hints will be helpful,,Thanks
    • KidMoe
      Looks like a great time and some big smiles! You’re gonna have the kiddos rousing early you every weekend for more time on the water!
    • KidMoe
      With that detail Borch I could spend all summer trying the different suggestions and combos! Very well done sir!    I might have to venture away from Pool 4 to try out some clearer water for night time eyes!
    • smalliehunter
      couple good ones from last couple weeks.  Top pic is my pb 10¾"  Bottom photo is a ten incherfinally got a ruler with white lines that will show up in a photo
    • Djsnej123456
      Just meaning trout  waters that have natural population of trout that are born and grow in the water their entire life.  Green pumpkin, browns, watermelons, black, silver/ blue, some orange. Colors those fish are used too. Insects, Minnows, crawdads etc. 
    • Djsnej123456
      Great pic
    • DLS1988
      I was up last weekend(Memorial Day weekend) at the cabin on Birch Point. Where my electronics reading right that water was 64-66 degrees? Also tried up in the shallows in the pencil reads and sandy rocky bottoms of big bay, the side of the point our cabin is on, hoping to find crappies on beds, but nothing. Seems like the perfect area and water temp for all other lakes I’ve fished and there was nothin. Not a sight of beds or fish. Maybe there just isn’t good crappie numbers there? Anyone will to share some shallows for sight fishing on beds? And info on that water temp or what it currently is. and if that was right, is that still not warm enough for vermillion? Gonna be up the weekend of 6/5 to try again, and hoping to not miss it this week. Thank you
    • Mr. 5 pounder
      Thanks for the input, Patches and good to hear you did well in the area.   Johnson lake is a memorable one for me. I fished there for the first time about two years ago around the last week of June and as soon as we drove past Frontier my pin clip for the boat trailer fell off. Never found out why and never happened again, but I noticed it gone at the launch. I was with a buddy of mine and my father, and I told them to just troll near the launch while I went back to look for the clip. After about 15 more minutes I found it in the middle of road, right outside Pine Cone Cafe.   By the way, it was overcast with the occasional sprinkle, but the sun would spill out as well. When i got back to the launch I noticed my two fisherman pals where not eager to come pick me up. In about 20 minutes they caught 3 walleye trolling spinners in about the 10-12 foot weed line outside of the launch.  We kept one feeling we were deserving giving the circumstance, but as soon as I got in the boat luck failed us again. We trolled the whole lake and only caught one more on the east side. The weather kept getting better which was probably the reason, but it seems like Johnson is like most likes in the area... where if there is a hot walleye bite its not going to last too long.    My Dad went out on Burrows the other day and got nothing too exciting besides northern while fishing the same tactic.  Thats one of our "go tos," but Im currenty not in the area, but getting there soon. Hopefully i bring better reports come as well.   Good Luck    
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