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Hey guys, I’m going to try something new this year and target mooneye and other shad for catfish bait this year! My only issues are that I don’t know anything about how to locate them or fish them. I mainly fish from shore and want to try something new. If anyone could provide me with tips on how to rig rods for them, where to look, preferably somewhat close to New Hope MN, and what I should use, I’d be extremely happy. 

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Welcome to FM @Decanno1.


Once you put all the pieces together let me know. The mooneye I've caught have been where streams enter the Minnesota River. Tossing as small a jig as I could to get down fast and avoid snagging the bottom. The eddies are where to look for them. 


I'm sure there are more experienced on here as I've never intentionally targeted mooneyes.

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On 3/4/2020 at 5:39 PM, Decanno1 said:

Hey guys, I’m going to try something new this year and target mooneye and other shad for catfish bait this year! My only issues are that I don’t know anything about how to locate them or fish them. I mainly fish from shore and want to try something new. If anyone could provide me with tips on how to rig rods for them, where to look, preferably somewhat close to New Hope MN, and what I should use, I’d be extremely happy. 

You can find Mooneyes and Goldeyes in the Mississippi from the Ford Dam and downstream, and the St Croix. To a lesser extent, in the Minnesota River, and the Cannon River. They will hit small crankbaits and inline spinners, but if I were targeting them, I'd use a worm.


Gizzard Shad are more common but in my experience, they aren't all that catchable. I've often fished water where I can see them but I haven't ever caught one. Maybe they'd take a chunk of worm.


If I were you, I'd consider making a run up to the Clearwater river and catching a load of big chubs and shiners. it is really easy to find and catch a lot of 5-7" minnows in that river. 


A fun tool for researching this stuff is the Fishes of Minnesota Mapper on the DNR site. You can filter for species and find a ton of survey info that isn't available through MN DNR Lakefinder surveys.

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    • teeeeelr
      By teeeeelr
      do you guys have any reccomendations for rigs and baits to use for catfish at lake st. croix? ones that work well during the summer. 
    • MNredneck
      By MNredneck
      I was looking to go sturgeon fishing on the st croix river, what parts of the river hold a fish-able population of sturgeon. i was hoping to be near st croix or wild river state parks.
    • PeachyHans
      By PeachyHans
      Good morning everyone! I hope you all have had better luck than me recently. I'm beginning to think I need a wise mentor to guide me because the kitties continue to elude me... I have been to Peninsula point park in Anoka, Crow river near Rockford, Coon Rapid's dam (BP side), and a handful of metro lakes (Harriet, Bde Maka Ska, lake of the Isles, and Wirth).
      I have the following areas picked out for my next trips:
      Gray's Bay on lake Minnetonka Hidden falls Minnehaha where it meets the Mississippi I have been using crawlers or cut suckers on a carolina rig. Sometimes I'll switch it up and lighten the weight for a float.
      I suspect a possible gar sighting on one of my trips, but it cut the line (40lb test braid) with a fierce head shake. A clean cut right at the hook. I wish I could have gotten a better look at it 😩 It hasn't all been bad though! I caught some other species in the process and met some awesome people.

    • Daniel Hayes
      By Daniel Hayes
      looking to try cut bait for catfishing. Usual use nightcrawlers or stink bait, but am looking to filter the Rockbass and small cats. 
      I'm gunna buy a couple decoy suckers and use. But am wondering how to humanely kill and cut up? Or do I just cut umm alive while flopping like a serial killer?
    • Decanno1
      By Decanno1
      So tomorrow the 29th I’m headed over to the ford dam for some flatheads or channel cats. This is a free invitation to anyone who would like to join me for some relaxing time on the river!!! Feel free to message me for more details!! Planning on heading out at 10 and fishing until dark. 
    • F/M member
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      Catfishing the Red River? In the F/M area?
      What works best for catfishing in the F/M area?
      Whats the contour of the Red River like for someone to see where to fish?
      Are any of the dam spots good for catfishing?
      What has worked for you?
    • F/M member
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      Looking for spots near the F/M area on the Red to catch catfish. 
      What tributaries are known for catfish or other species?
      Where does a person go to look for catfish on the Red River?
      Do dams work well? 
    • F/M member
      By F/M member
      What is going on for catfishing and/or walleye fishing on the Red River this Spring in/or near F/M area?
      The date is 4/22/2020. 
      Any spots that seem to be working for catching fish?
      Any fishing setups work well right now for walleye/catfish on the Red?
      Personally, I am a new member and I am looking to go guiding with someone for either walleye or catfish at this time of year. 
      My email address is [email protected] Cell phone number is 3202981047. 
      I have fished the Red River in the past but not with much luck. I don't know where to go specifically for spots. Looking for friends/buddies to show me. 
    • PeachyHans
      By PeachyHans
      I mentioned in a previous post that I'm hoping to catch my first catfish this year. I've poked around the coon rapids dam but caught nothing, other than my first tick bite 😞
      There's actually a story behind my catfish mission. It all started when I was about 10 years old, fishing off a dock at a family cabin. I was bored, casting and reeling repeatedly. My older cousins teased me, saying I wouldn't catch anything with a plastic crawler. I didn't care since I was only there to experience the lake...but after a few more casts, something hit with the force of a freight train (to little 10 year-old me, anyway). My cousins saw me struggling with something and came over in time for the fish to leap out of the water, revealing the biggest fish my young eyes had ever seen. It was a cat, a BIG one, and it was about twenty feet out. One cousin grabbed a net while the other jumped around hollering. The adults emerged to investigate all the commotion. EVERYONE was on the dock waiting for me to land this beast! My mom had a camera, my cousin was ready with the net, my aunt was screaming like she was watching the vikings play. I fought for what felt like ages, and finally spotted the fish; bright eyes, whiskers, a long dark body that was solid muscle, and a mouth that could swallow my fist. It seemed to look at me and contemplate for a moment...then spat out the hook. It disappeared into the depths as dumbfounded silence fell over the dock.
      I have zero doubts that it was a channel catfish. Likely not a record breaker, but beefy nonetheless. The catfish continues to elude me, but I'm determined to break the cycle this year! 🎣
    • Decanno1
      By Decanno1
      Does anyone know if the Ford Dam contains eels at all?? I know that it has mooneye and I have heard that it has sizable flatheads.... although I haven’t seen pictures so I’m a bit skeptical... Was just curious because I’ve heard rumors that American eels are amazing for flatheads!!! If anyone could give me some tips on how to locate any over there I would really appreciate it!!! (Help with mooneye is greatly appreciated too!)
  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • h8go4s
      Mussels. Not muscles. I'm a spelling specialist.
    • BobT
      Regarding Eurasian Water Milfoil, last I heard bass fisherman love it. Regarding zebras, I have said all along that while it may be true that they will flourish after introduction to a new lake, they will eventually find an equilibrium based on the food supply in the lake. Osakis was infected a few years ago. Just a couple weeks ago I was talking with one of the lake shore owners and asked him what he has seen. He said at first, the zebra muscles were all over his docks and boat lifts in the fall when he pulled them out of the lake, however, for the past couple years they have not been so thick. In fact, last fall when he pulled out his docks he counted seven muscles attached. I have also heard reports that fish and other aquatic animals have now begun feeding on zebras. One species in particular that I've heard mentioned is sunfish. Maybe the lakes will have too many jumbo sunfish now? 
    • BobT
      I haven't been out for while but one thing I find that brings a little success, especially in late summer, is long line speed trolling with crankbaits over shallow water. By speed trolling I'm talking about 3 to 5 mph and by shallow water I'm talking about 10' or less. I've found success doing this while breaking all the rules. For example, one day I connected with a few 20"+ eyes over 8' of water around 1:00 in the afternoon on a calm, bright sunny day. The water was like a sheet of glass.    The challenge for you will be to find those areas where you can troll cranks so they bang the bottom, which means locating those areas under 15' that are virtually weedless. I won't give you the exact coordinates but consider the south town bay area for one. Have fun!
    • jigginjim
      Find some little bullheads. Pull them on a live bait system. 
    • delcecchi
      Not sure if I can do that, we are getting ready to head home pretty soon.   Got some medical checkups. But sure appreciate the offer. Daughter and grandkids here at the moment
    • chaffmj
    • james_walleye
      Well I'm up until Wednesday and got out for the first time this afternoon. I went right to one of my favorite lead core spots and it was game on. Alot of 15-16" fish. I was running 26-28 feet. Multiple colors of cranks worked. Shads and flickers both worked. Lots of trollers out. Probably the most I've ever seen on a day. 
    • mulefarm
      Must not have done a goose round up in the cities this year. Haven’t seen this many geese for at least 10 years. Also a lot of swans.
    • Mike89
      and it's really dark in there when they turn off the lights!!!!
    • JBMasterAngler
      Some of the lakes where the otter tail river leaves, offer some shore fishing areas, both on the river and the lake. I caught a few hammer handle pike, but there were sunnies swimming all over the place.
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