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Posted (edited)

Does anyone have any information on ice fishing tullibees in pelican lake. I have heard of people catching good numbers out there before but don’t know where to start at out there. Any information about it would be great.

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Welcome to FM @Prody


Hopefully someone who knows will be along shortly.


Don't be a stranger...be sure and come back often...share your reporrs, pics and stories sir.

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Welcome Prody...It wouldn't happen to be Jack, would it?  Pelican has a lot of holes and I've heard a few years back the populations took a bad hit and it hadn't rebounded.  Bad part is most of the spots to tulibee have obstacles for getting around on the ice, so foot traffic is pretty much main route unless got access from private land.  I personally want to try it but with other lakes actively producing tulibee without having to risk it heading there I don't think I'll have time this year.  


Big Spoons and guys would run two rods, one deep and one 10 feet below the ice on that lake.  


Good Luck!

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    • jkrash
      I was thinking April 20th for ice out but with the cooler night time temps next week I'm thinking April 27th now. The ice is starting to pull away from the shoreline which is a good sign.  
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