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Has anyone ever fished Nina Moose? I’ve heard it has good fishing, the trip would be mostly walleye and smallmouth.

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Welcome to FM @MNAngler01


Where is it located?


If you do fish it, please let us know how it goes. Pics are amazing.

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Posted (edited)

I recognized the name of the lake and wasn’t surprised to see the location.  I haven’t personally fished it but can imagine it is a good lake.

Then again, judging by Navionics it’ll probably be an absolute dynamite lake for a while during open water or an absolute dud.  Not an easy one to make assumptions about either with the depths shown.


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Posted (edited)

Now here is one that doesn’t get a lot of talking about . It was back many many years ago as a “young” youngster I went into Nina Moose once with my sisters then in-laws family who I believe were quite regulars at making the journey into it and it’s neighbor to the north Agnes Lake , and although I was not involved much with the padding of the canoes on the river in , to me as a kid it seemed like eternity to reach the lake . I think back in these old days with its remoteness this lake was gone into by pretty much hard cores , and at that time the fishing was very good for walleye ,but that was about 50 plus years ago , so I can’t speak to how that is today , but would only imagine that it’s still a good lake to venture Into . I believe that most of the people that do head in there these days are into the canoeing thing and fishing may be more secondary to them , but maybe not .I do remember the lake being shallow and I see the chart above backs that up . Hard to go wrong with the beauty up there , that I do know .My sisters in-law family are long gone these days , but I do have a good friend who I know that when he was also young and throughout his teens  that he and his father made many trips into there and he may be able to shed some more details about it all and if so I will report back on this subject .

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Cause I wanted to !
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Thanks for the input, I’ll definitely let you guys know if we choose to go in there.

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When I was young starting in 1970,  I went to Ramshead lake with my Dad. We would walk in by following Meander creek and fish for walleye by a small creek that was flowing out of Lamb lake. We would end up walking back out in the same day. It was a lot easier in those days because of an old logging road, there was still part of a bridge that you could walk across to get on the other side of meander creek and there had been a recent fire so we could easily cut across land to get to Ramshead. We would fish where this really small creek flowed in out of Lamb lake. Some years sucker minnows used to run down that creek into Ramshead making it fishing really easy to catch lots of fish. There was a real small island just off of the shore on Ramshead right where the creek flowed in. Ramshead froze out and I caught my last walleye around 1973 give or take a year or 2. After that northern pike took over the lake and it was very common to catch lots of them in the 5 to15 lb range. By then my Dad quit going and I would go up with my friends. We would take canoes down Meander creek and camp on a larger island to fish the opener for the next 20 some years. We would fish from shore using large sucker minnows and huge bobbers. The largest northern pike I caught was around 36 inches. The largest one that I saw taken weighed 23 1/2 lbs after being kept alive for 3 days on a stringer, portaged out, driven down to the twin cities and weighed in for the St. Paul Pioneer fishing contest. After that access was closed we would get there by way of Nina Moose river. We would also usually catch a few walleyes on the Nina Moose river just past the spot where we would take it into Ramshead and it continues on into Lake Agnes. If you go you should definitely check out Lake Agnes for walleyes and go up to Oyster for some lake trout fishing. I also like Bigfatalbert have not been back in that area for quite some time so I can’t speak to how that is today but you will never know what you will find unless you MNAngler01 go. Good luck with your trip! 

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My wife did her first solo BWCA trip into Nina Moose Lake about 12-13 years ago. She was planning on fishing it but got spooked after seeing a bear. I never got a fishing report since she moved on to another lake.


Good luck!

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In 1977 I passed through Nina Moose but did fish Agnes. All we needed was a twister tail and a jig and did well. We started there and paddled the border waters all the way to Basswood. Then we swing way up through Canada, made our way to Lac LaCroix and back out through Agnes and Nina Moose. 9 days and 156 miles. One wind day so no travel. Best trip of my life.

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      I live in the keewaydin 55417 area and the family craves fishing, a lot of the lakes around the area are a bit high pressured it seems as we've been out as far as Lake Elmo, Clear Lake, Vadnais and Lake Peltier but to no avail ( 2-3 hours of fishing with only 1 catch on some days ) on sport fishes. Is there a creek/river/backwater that's accessable for shoreline fishing that's got good fights? I'm down for kayaking too since we have a Jackson Tuna and a F&S Shadowcaster but we don't have an anchor so river kayaking is a no go ( I'm a fairly large lazy dude ) for me.
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      2) Live bait or plugs?
      3) Long lining or short lining matter?
      4) go to plugs to try (color, type and size)
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      Hey all!
      I moved to Rogers, MN last summer and so I decided I should try out some smallmouth fishing from shore in the rivers around here! Problem is, I struggled to catch any last fall. Before I try again this spring, I am hoping to get some feedback on the spots I am trying. I know there are smallmouth in these fisheries, but maybe these are bad spots? 
      Mississippi River:
      - Monticello: East and West Bridge Park
      - Anoka: Peninsula Point Park 
      Rum River:
      - Anoka: Dam in downtown
      Orono Lake:
      - Under the Highway 10 bridge.
      These are my main lures I have tried: Chatterbaits, Crankbaits, jigs w/craw, swim-jigs, weightless senko, spinnerbaits
      Anyway, any feedback on those spots or if I should try a different approach would be appreciated. Happy fishing all! Weather is starting to get nice finally!
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      I’m looking to buy any unwanted St. Croix, Gloomis, Shimano and Daiwa rods. Also looking for Shimano and Daiwa reels as well.
  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • KidMoe
      Looks like a great time and some big smiles! You’re gonna have the kiddos rousing early you every weekend for more time on the water!
    • KidMoe
      With that detail Borch I could spend all summer trying the different suggestions and combos! Very well done sir!    I might have to venture away from Pool 4 to try out some clearer water for night time eyes!
    • smalliehunter
      couple good ones from last couple weeks.  Top pic is my pb 10¾"  Bottom photo is a ten incherfinally got a ruler with white lines that will show up in a photo
    • Djsnej123456
      Just meaning trout  waters that have natural population of trout that are born and grow in the water their entire life.  Green pumpkin, browns, watermelons, black, silver/ blue, some orange. Colors those fish are used too. Insects, Minnows, crawdads etc. 
    • Djsnej123456
      Great pic
    • DLS1988
      I was up last weekend(Memorial Day weekend) at the cabin on Birch Point. Where my electronics reading right that water was 64-66 degrees? Also tried up in the shallows in the pencil reads and sandy rocky bottoms of big bay, the side of the point our cabin is on, hoping to find crappies on beds, but nothing. Seems like the perfect area and water temp for all other lakes I’ve fished and there was nothin. Not a sight of beds or fish. Maybe there just isn’t good crappie numbers there? Anyone will to share some shallows for sight fishing on beds? And info on that water temp or what it currently is. and if that was right, is that still not warm enough for vermillion? Gonna be up the weekend of 6/5 to try again, and hoping to not miss it this week. Thank you
    • Mr. 5 pounder
      Thanks for the input, Patches and good to hear you did well in the area.   Johnson lake is a memorable one for me. I fished there for the first time about two years ago around the last week of June and as soon as we drove past Frontier my pin clip for the boat trailer fell off. Never found out why and never happened again, but I noticed it gone at the launch. I was with a buddy of mine and my father, and I told them to just troll near the launch while I went back to look for the clip. After about 15 more minutes I found it in the middle of road, right outside Pine Cone Cafe.   By the way, it was overcast with the occasional sprinkle, but the sun would spill out as well. When i got back to the launch I noticed my two fisherman pals where not eager to come pick me up. In about 20 minutes they caught 3 walleye trolling spinners in about the 10-12 foot weed line outside of the launch.  We kept one feeling we were deserving giving the circumstance, but as soon as I got in the boat luck failed us again. We trolled the whole lake and only caught one more on the east side. The weather kept getting better which was probably the reason, but it seems like Johnson is like most likes in the area... where if there is a hot walleye bite its not going to last too long.    My Dad went out on Burrows the other day and got nothing too exciting besides northern while fishing the same tactic.  Thats one of our "go tos," but Im currenty not in the area, but getting there soon. Hopefully i bring better reports come as well.   Good Luck    
    • CigarGuy
      There's one on Craigslist in the free section. It's in rough shape, but the floats look good. Brooklyn Park.
    • gunner55
    • chucker1101
      Smallmouth should be on beds spawning. Good time to fish smallmouth. Fishing off shallow water off rocky islands on East side of Vermilion should be in play. Troll and throw spinners to shore.  Look for line where big rocks end and small rocks/gravel starts. 
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