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Surface Tension - Still Sharpening Nils?



Do any of you guys know if Surface Tension still swims around these parts? I think I need my Nils sharpened. I had sent him a message through the HSO forum a while ago and didn't hear back. I'm not sure if HSO and Fishing MN share the same messaging platform, or if I need to try him here instead. Did a quick search and it doesn't look like he's posted in a while, so I'm hoping someone knows his whereabouts.



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1 hour ago, Getanet said:

Do any of you guys know if Surface Tension still swims around these parts? I think I need my Nils sharpened. I had sent him a message through the HSO forum a while ago and didn't hear back. I'm not sure if HSO and Fishing MN share the same messaging platform, or if I need to try him here instead. Did a quick search and it doesn't look like he's posted in a while, so I'm hoping someone knows his whereabouts.




you can try this:


Frank DeLuca
5382 Jentoft Road
Saginaw, MN  55779

[email protected]


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Many gracias!


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Surface Tension

 Thanks Rundrave.   Yes I'm still sharpening.

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ST did my blade last year, and then again this year. Fantastic service

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      My Health and Family!! As a Kidney cancer survivor I cherish everyday being able to walk this fine earth we live on there was a time I wasn't sure I was going to be able to.  The appreciation I have for the small things in life now are unimaginable. You soon learn the importance of the material things in your life and that is zilch. I will tell you from experience It doesn't matter how much money you have or if you own the biggest house, boat etc. The only thing that really matters is your Family,  your friends and the most important the Good Lord. My family has always been the most important thing in my life.  MY wife and my two daughters are the rocks  that get me through the tough times. And give me a purpose in life. Without them my purpose in life would be cut in half. My wife has always been a big supporter of my hobbies as she knows the love and passion I have for the great outdoors fishing and hunting and I love her for  that! My daughters  they are getting older 22 and 17 but still aren't to old   to hang out and reminisce with there old dad every once in a while. The three of them are my best 3 catches to date!!! 😀Lastly all my friends they are always there to share moments, laughs, good times and are always willing to open a ear and listen offer advise when something is bothering me thanks guys!
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      I'm grateful for my health.  Lotta people don't have it right now and a whole lot more are going to lose it.  My deceased grandfather once told me "if you don't have your health, you don't have much" before he died of cancer years ago.
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      Well stated Rick! I am grateful for Skype! My wife and I had a 3 hour virtual happy hour with are oldest daughter in Madison Wisc. getting her Phd, and our baby and son-in-law down in Iowa. It was great to be able to see them while we are going through this. Not the same as having them home but it was still pretty cool! 
    • Wanderer
      I’ve heard a few “Destination” communities have asked people not to come until the situation has settled down.  The reasoning being the interaction that might take place using services and depletion of some of their limited resources (think a rush on paper products not easily attainable in urban areas).  Some also feel bringing the virus and infecting small communities would be too much for local health care to handle.   I can’t argue any of that.   What most people that still plan to travel are stating, just like right here, staying self contained shouldn’t be an issue.     I can’t argue that either.   I work in a hospital so I see the latest information and many, many different opinions.  Some  of mine have changed from even a week ago.  We can all get through this with LOW risk as long as we think about what we’re doing and be considerate of others while doing it.  There is no such thing as NO risk.
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      Can we rockin' roll hoochie coo the walleye this spring? Fantastic pictures Tommy. Where were they taken?   I plan to fish opener unless it is illegal. Except for touching a gas pump somewhere, I can get in and out without floating a germ to anyone. A doctor buddy already said he was out, and asked that we sew face masks instead of play cards at night. It's an interesting time that we are in. Enjoy the strange ride and stay safe.
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      Fat Yeah, I check in for smiles....nothing much to add to winter stuff as was kind of slow round here....talking bout ice thickness an all ,  well....like watching moose crap n I also had this freaky heart deal since last May fishen opener....doing great now a looken forward to ice out. Just want everyone to be safe n not push it. We will go when ready n not in dagner or hurting others. Pretty simple deal to follow...so be it. : )   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Derringer for me then Mr. G while he was hear but his music lives on. All four exceptional people an masters of their art. Music is like fishen in that what works for some don't work for others but still good lures or techniques, style, approach... All good. Known Rick long long time as fun few of my LIVE pic's of him were used in that book. Like this one posted from 2005 on State Capitol steps / stage Taste of MN. I have catalogs of fun LIVE shots from rock n roll shows since 1972...silly fun life stuff. Buzzzzzzzzzzzz. Fun junk ya do...Lordy Momma Lite my fuse.... Author done good on IN person interviews from each n friends and fellow band members and musicians. Fun to yack n finger talk about.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Crappie Clues in the pictures 1st post just for fun was my intention....teaser to fun. But enjoy the guitar n rock n roll speak also. : )   Big Smiles.   T  
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      I'm grateful for the chance to spend time with my youngest. She was on her way to being a Senior at UMD. She has a year round job there and it's 3 hours away.   She was well on her way to living an independent life and my time with her limited to phone calls and the occasional visits.    I may never have had this opportunity again.   Now I have the privilege and joy of building a different kind of relationship with my adult baby. More as a friend than a Dad. 
    • Rick
      During these changing times due to the pandemic and economic issues... Can you help others here by letting us know....   What are you grateful for?   It would be great if we could see what you are appreciative of everyday. Kind of a community journal.    For inspiration and a time to reflect on the wonderful things that surround us during changing times.
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