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Carleton College - Cannon River Fishing

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Hi Everyone, 

I'm a Freshman at Carleton College (Northfield MN), and I was wondering what exactly was in the cannon river (below the dam that runs through downtown.) I have fished before around July of 2017 just a little south of West Gym, where a smaller creek meets with the main river and caught two Northerns (30 inches roughly), but other than that I haven't caught anything. Are there any good spots or just techniques, things to try for catfish, walleye, smallmouth (maybe more pike, etc.) 


I tried fishing the river this winter and walked around in the Carleton Arb and didn't get anything, so I assume winter river fishing probably is a no go. Is Lyman Lakes viable to try for ice fishing? I know there's a lot of current that goes through so the ice might not be entirely safe but I'm willing to check it out if there's good panfish in there. 

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There are smallies and walleyes in there. Many more pike though. It's not a particularly strong stretch of the river to fish. The best is to fish the Cannon west of Faribault or east of Cannon falls. I do know there are some catfish in there as well. Good luck.

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In the spring, I’ve heard there used to be good runs of white bass. I would imagine not much has changed. But yes, the Faribault area is much better (particularly in spring). White Bass and Largemouth Bass are most common, but you can also get Carp and Bullhead, occasional Walleye. Shore fishing on Cannon Lake is supposed to be good for Crappies.

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    • PRO-V
      Mine is my wife and our 5 kids (youngest is 29). All are independent and have given us 7 grandkids who are a hoot. Not to mention all of my great friends. I'm only 60 but I've gotten in a massive amount of fishing and hunting since I was 5. Feel sorry for the guys who did nothing but work most of their life thinking they would have their fun at retirement. Doesn't usually work out. I tried to balance work, family and adventure. If I died now I lived a full life but wanna see the kids/grandkids grow up. Their old enough now to have fun with and my days of having to dig a new outhouse hole are over. My son is a huge help now.
    • PRO-V
      Highlight of my life was seeing AC/DC on their last tour at Excel Center. Rock on!! 
    • Borch
      For me it's family, friends and faith.  My health has been good and I'm currently working through some things health wise.  But I'm positive and have found more support and care than I could have imagined.  For that, I truly felt blessed.   I'm lucky to have a wife who loves me even with my short comings.  Again, I'm a very lucky man.  I have 6 granddaughters who love to hug and talk to papa.  Makes me smile even now as I type this.  My 3 adult children are doing well and actually call the old man for advise and like to hang out with me which I really enjoy.  My folks are on their way home from south TX.  We got to visit and fish with them there this winter.  I feel fortunate to be able to do things with them yet.  Finally getting out to fish and hunt with all of these freinds and family are what really make me feel like one fortunate guy.
    • eyeguy 54
      Thankful for grandkids. Interesting and fun stage of life. 😁
    • Borch
      I generally fish close to home and after dark opening weekend.  Just too crazy during the day and it's so quiet at night.  Not to mention it can me very good fishing to boot.
    • Bigfatbert
      Ok TW and thanks for the reply . . I tried earlier to send you a pm about that book but it was a no go , not sure why but when I tried to send it to you it wouldn’t go through ,  very well could have been my lack of knowledge on doing such  and who knows what I did with those buttons , because I seem to be good at pushing  other buttons on this site , haaaa  ,so I’ve been told , but F that .. It did bum me out though that it didn’t go through because it was quite lengthy and chock full of fun music trivia on my days with music and I had intentions on getting you my personal pics at a later time with many , many different music n geee tarrr pickers , above (j fogerty) (my opinion ) or at , or near the level of the All American Boy  . As to him and your pick of him I do understand as he is a guitar god . Maybe you could PM me with a play by play dummy set of instructions on how actually get u a Pm from me....  smiles , and thanks TW.               
    • IceHawk
      I realize everyone will be antsy by opener and understandable. But agree why travel to a different area to fish and risk being infected or infecting someone else. Don't blame certain locations not wanting people coming up by them. Lets all look at this as a perfect time to learn and fish some of the waters in our backyards. We all have good waters close to us why not take advantage of them. You might srike paydirt and will start fishing closer to your house more often I know I have!  I've never been a big fan of traveling to all the big waters on opener especially N. Water temps have always dictated where I open. 9 out 10 times I open in my back yard on chain or a surrounding small  lake or around the Atwater area. Lets all be considerate and see where this all goes before making our plans. Safety and Health first pleasure second should be our thought process right now. 
    • IceHawk
      My Health and Family!! As a Kidney cancer survivor I cherish everyday being able to walk this fine earth we live on there was a time I wasn't sure I was going to be able to.  The appreciation I have for the small things in life now are unimaginable. You soon learn the importance of the material things in your life and that is zilch. I will tell you from experience It doesn't matter how much money you have or if you own the biggest house, boat etc. The only thing that really matters is your Family,  your friends and the most important the Good Lord. My family has always been the most important thing in my life.  MY wife and my two daughters are the rocks  that get me through the tough times. And give me a purpose in life. Without them my purpose in life would be cut in half. My wife has always been a big supporter of my hobbies as she knows the love and passion I have for the great outdoors fishing and hunting and I love her for  that! My daughters  they are getting older 22 and 17 but still aren't to old   to hang out and reminisce with there old dad every once in a while. The three of them are my best 3 catches to date!!! 😀Lastly all my friends they are always there to share moments, laughs, good times and are always willing to open a ear and listen offer advise when something is bothering me thanks guys!
    • gimruis
      I'm grateful for my health.  Lotta people don't have it right now and a whole lot more are going to lose it.  My deceased grandfather once told me "if you don't have your health, you don't have much" before he died of cancer years ago.
    • Better Than Working!
      Well stated Rick! I am grateful for Skype! My wife and I had a 3 hour virtual happy hour with are oldest daughter in Madison Wisc. getting her Phd, and our baby and son-in-law down in Iowa. It was great to be able to see them while we are going through this. Not the same as having them home but it was still pretty cool! 
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