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Sharpening Laser ice auger blades

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Has anyone had any success sharpening their own Laser blades?

Any tips, tricks?

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Welcome FM @Stickjiggler.


Hopefully someone will be along shortly to help out.

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Did a post back in 2016 - author used smooth blades lazers are smooth with small notches cut in the blade. You may get some tips out of this sharpen process.


Sharpen Auger Blades at Home

Asked by papadarv 


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Posted March 2, 2016

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Is there anyplace near you that swaps out blades ? That can be the most economical way to do it.

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You can check with @Surface Tension. Message him.

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Thanks for the link Rick.

Very informative

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I take mine all the time to Too Sharp Sharpening service In St Cloud he does a great job sharpening them I have about 6 sets and I always alternate them out when they get a little dull.  

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I just buy an extra set and then drop them off at a bait shop that swaps them out to get sharpened Its been a while since I have needed it so not sure who even does that any more.


Always make sure you get the ones made from sweden and not some cheap chinese knockoffs:


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Thank you Papa and retriever Rick.  I am going to try this on my 9" x 3 Laser (hard to find replacements any more) blades tonight.  We used to be able to do the blade swap, but I can not find that available any more.  I have tried sharpening with a bench grinder and metal files before with no real success. 


I have also shipped the blades to a sharpening place.  When I got them back, I wrote to them asking if they missed the final step or two, since it looked like cave-man type work.  They would cut late-season, honey comb ice, but not solid clear ice.  This was a true waste of money and time.    

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