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Clearwater Lake Results - 2/9/20

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Matt Johnson

Results from the event on Clearwater Lake.... 


1st Place - Matt Milbrandt/Adam Griffith (9.68 pounds)

2nd Place - Justin Hammer/Joe Crapser (8.14 pounds)

3rd Place - Mike Raetz/Travis Kratcha (7.995 pounds)

4th Place - Matt Brookman/Ben Putnam (7.975 pounds)

5th Place - Josh Dehn/Jeff Morris (6.795 pounds)

Big Fish -  Matt Brookman/Ben Putnam (1.365 pound Crappie)


For a complete list of the results... Circle Lake Results - CLICK HERE

Also check out the UPL Facebook page for more photos from the event... UPL Facebook Page - CLICK HERE



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    • Northerner28
      By Northerner28
      I have a Helix 7 CHIRP GPS G2N ice pack. I haven’t used it much. The trouble I have is that when  I’m at a depth of 30ft I can see my lure fine towards the bottom. When I bring my lure towards the top my lure shows up lighter the closer I get to the surface. Even when I turn the gain all the way up I can’t see my lure at the top. I couldn’t even pick up a fish that was 6 feet under the ice. I also changed the cone settings and IR? settings and that didn’t have any effect. I am wondering if there is a setting I don’t know about that might change the ability to see something towards the surface. Tech support at Humminbird said I would need to do a software upgrade. 
    • Duckhunt
      By Duckhunt
      House was new in spring 2018. Spray foamed top to bottom. Extremely Light weight, all aluminum construction 1300-1400 pounds. You can easily pull with atv. with little tongue weight. Foldable and removable bunk, we used a cot for 2nd bed.
      -6 catch covers w/ sleeves
      -Nuway furnace, needs no electricity to operate manually, also hooked up to thermostat
      -12V low amp draw circulating fans -30A 115v to 12VDC power converter/battery charger with gen/power hookup
      -battery box with 12VDC-115v inverter, and battery meter (newer 31 battery negotiable)
      - LED hole light and beverage holder above every hole
      -LED interior and porch lights
      -Tv/dvd combo on swing wall mount
      -Pioneer stereo with 4 speakers -Loose spare tire (white steel rim)
      -Window Air Conditioner
      This house can go all weekend on a single battery without a generator. No exterior damage anywhere, tires great. Looking to possibly upgrade. Located 20 miles north of Rapids. Thanks!

    • SkunkedAgain
      By SkunkedAgain
      When I was up two weeks ago, the lake snow was getting thin and was barely thick enough in the woods for snowmobiles. Have we added much snow lately?
      Any word on the trails?
    • jim curlee
      By jim curlee
      I have an old(purple) Otter Lodge.
      I'm thinkin about buying a new one with the insulated cover.
      Just wondering what your thoughts are on moisture condensation in the newer houses.
      Right now with the moderate temps, my old house is way wet on the inside.
    • Pigmeat
      By Pigmeat
      I think I know the answer, but . . .
      After running for about 3 hours the output on my flasher battery dropped from 12.5v to 10.1v. Pretty much means it's dead, correct?
    • hitthebricks
      By hitthebricks
      I have a Marcum LX5 that's been hardly used.  I charged the battery then turned it on and let it run to check the battery life to see if I needed  a new one.  After a few hours it died.  Tried to charge it again but no luck, bought a new one, hooked it up, nothing, checked the connections, nothing.  Any ideas what's wrong?
    • Greywolf25
      By Greywolf25
      New to ice fishing. In a 16’ ice castle in a lake with 17 inches of ice. Ice is cracking so much it sometimes shakes my house. Anything to worried about? 
    • opsirc
      By opsirc
      Anyone know if the public access parking lot is plowed?
    • 406_outdoormaniac
      By 406_outdoormaniac
      So I just received my fathers ice shack he built more than 20 years ago. He never got to take it out because of life so it’s been sitting there since rotting away. I’m doing some TLC on it and want to get some wiring done before the inside is done. I’ll have a propane wall heater, that’s easy to do for me. But I don’t know much on how to configure a 12V system. I just want to add a couple lights inside and 3 or 4 outlets, possibly lights outside as well. Nothing crazy but I want to be able to build off of it in the later future. Please give me some criticism or whatever you please. Just want to do it right and safely. Shack is 6’ X 10’. 
    • Lynette Norton
  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Wanderer
      @pikeguy2003 the bite has slowed all over from what I’ve been seeing and hearing.  Pretty easy to blame it on last week’s cold front and now we have another, but we’re getting into the harder part of the season.   That said, someone is always on them somewhere and hopefully they’ll let you know!  I’m replying for 2 reasons: one, so you don’t just get crickets 😉 and two, my interest in Tonka has been reignited lately.     Looking over the maps last night I was reminded of the holes on flats and the basins outside the many coves where they frequent in the spring.  Drill some of those areas out from shallow to deep.  If you find good weeds shallow they could still be in there but will head to the basin if not.   Sorry, that’s the best I can do without being there!
    • pikeguy2003
      Been hearing the bite on Waconia is not great.  Have not been on Tonka yet.  Anyone finding the sunfish on Tonka yet or another lake.  I have relatives that do not really fish wanting me to take them out Sunday as it has been about a year since we did a fish fry.  Any help would be appreciated.   Thanks, Pikeguy
    • leech~~
      Yeah with a ton of bays with channels that don't always freeze over.  Never said I haven't sledded on lakes like the Gull chain or Whitefish chain with a lot of channels. 🙄  Just said, I never ice fished Minnetonka before.    DNR: at least 5 dead after falling through ice this season BMTN Staff Updated: Mar 8, 2018 On Lake Minnetonka, there have been more than a dozen incidents where either a vehicle or snowmobile have broken through the ice this winter.
    • delcecchi
      So, are there crappies in Black Lake?   
    • Wanderer
      Respect it like you would Burntside.  It’s really a metro lake made for snowmobile ice fishing.  Shorter runs for sure but really the same type of deal.
    • monstermoose78
    • leech~~
      Thanks buddy! 🤭
    • monstermoose78
      Leech I will help you out!! Hey see that open water over there it’s been a hot spot all winter! Ok 🤪
    • whateverisbiting
      I have worked with a lot of viruses.  We wear that to protect the virus from us.  So we don't contaminate our cultures.  Of course if you are working with a problematic virus you will be glad you have it on too.
    • mulefarm
      I believe the city of Deephaven owns the ramp and the parking on the south side of Minnetonka Blvd. Residents have a pass to park there and along blvd between the signs from  May 1 to October 1. The lot by the pickle ball courts and the lot by Deephaven Elementary are open to people without city pass. You don’t need a pass to launch your boat at the landing.
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